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Religion is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of Religious Studies . It was founded in 1971, with close ties to the Religious Studies program at the University of Lancaster . That program was founded and chaired by Ninian Smart , and he served ...

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n. a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality" [syn: faith , religious belief ] institution to express belief in a divine power; "he was raised in the Baptist religion"; "a member ...

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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES freedom of religion/worship (= the right to hold/practise any religious belief ) ▪ Liberal newspapers made an effort to secure religious toleration and freedom of worship. organized religion (= a religion that has lasted ...

Usage examples of religion.

Blanche was due in great measure to the sinister prophecies of the accomplice to whom she had denied the last consolations of religion.

Wherever traditional religions are united under the badge of philosophy a conservative syncretism is the result, because the allegoric method, that is, the criticism of all religion, veiled and unconscious of itself, is able to blast rocks and bridge over abysses.

Plato wrote for the Athenians, and his allegorical genius is too closely blended with the language and religion of Greece.

Platonists, and at the same time reconciled itself to the popular religion by means of allegorism, that is, it formed a new theology.

It might have been a regeneration serum, or designs for cheap alloplasty components, or even a new religion.

And a world made unsafe for mysticism and theocentric religion is a world where the only proved method of transforming personality will be less and less practiced, and where fewer and fewer people will possess any direct, experimental knowledge of reality to set up against the false doctrine of totalitarian anthropocentrism and the pernicious ideas and practices of nationalistic pseudo-mysticism.

The strangers of the West had violated the city, and bestowed the sceptre, of Constantine: their Imperial clients soon became as unpopular as themselves: the well-known vices of Isaac were rendered still more contemptible by his infirmities, and the young Alexius was hated as an apostate, who had renounced the manners and religion of his country.

The great truths of the moral law, of natural religion, and of apostolical faith, are both its boundary and its foundation.

Do not let us encumber and disfigure religion by absurdities, impossibilities, and antinomian abominations.

From the time of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram - who accused Moses and Aaron of taking too much upon themselves, because every man in the congregation was as holy as his God-selected leaders - it has been a theory, one may even say a religion, with those who have been passed over, that their sole reason for their super-session is an election as arbitrary as that by the Antinomian deity, who, out of pure wilfulness, gives opportunities to some and denies them to others.

The antinomianism of Marcion was ultimately based on the strength of his religious feeling, on his personal religion as contrasted with all statutory religion.

The bestiary had illustrated the beautiful colored windows and alluded to the tempestuous religions that reigned in the center of many a war between the mortals.

Nothing, it should seem, could weaken the force or destroy the effect of so unanswerable a justification, unless it were the injudicious conduct of the apologists themselves, who betrayed the common cause of religion, to gratify their devout hatred to the domestic enemies of the church.

Our Bisy Backson religions, sciences, and business ethics have tried their hardest to convince us that there is a Great Reward waiting for us somewhere, and that what we have to do is spend our lives working like lunatics to catch up with it.

There is no method of reasoning more common, and yet none more blameable, than, in philosophical disputes, to endeavour the refutation of any hypothesis, by a pretence of its dangerous consequences to religion and morality.