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Answer for the clue ""I'd hate to break up ---" ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word aset

Usage examples of aset.

From the pyramids of Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu at Giza, to the banks of the Nile in Nubia open the portal, pave the path to the table of Eve, to the place of Light where Khepre, Re, and Amen cycle, oh great Queen Aset, mother of Kemet, take your daughter through the door!

Nzinga's eyes filled with alarm as she glanced at Damali and then Aset.

He took Aset as a wife, but before they could consummate their marriage, his brother, Set, killed him.

The snatch happened so quickly that all Damali could do was gasp and sway as her knees buckled and Aset held her, eyes blazing violet with a fusion of emotions that Damali didn't dare consider.

The current running through Aset's hands into Damali's arms felt like lightning had struck her.

Near faint, Damali's head dropped forward as Aset's hand glowed hot for a moment and a golden orb of light covered where Aset's palm laid against her.

You must learn to fight with other skills and other tools," Aset said.

Oh, Queen Mother Aset, please do not walk away with riddles that could take a lifetime to figure out!

His name was Raseth, a swarthy, heavyset, blustery old military man, bald and blunt as a bullet, with arms that looked powerful despite his advancing years.

General Raseth bustled about the boat constantly, hovering over the royal heir until the prince made it clear he would rather be treated as one of the regular officers.

General Raseth had fallen asleep at the table, drowsing over his empty wine cup.

Deliberately, I poured a cup of wine from the little Raseth had left and offered it to him.

The local garrison commanders conferred with General Raseth and told him that the Sea Peoples had taken several villages near the mouth of a western arm of the river.

And gruff old General Raseth was loyal to the prince, in his blustering way.

Sure enough, there was Osiris, and Aset—my Anya, I realized—and all the other gods and goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon.