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Answer for the clue "Common USSR guns ", 3 letters:

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vb. (context US dialect English) to ask

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Aks is a 2012 Pakistani drama serial which aired on ARY Digital every Wednesday since 29 August 2012. Serial is directed by Nadeem Siddiqui and written by Sarwat Nazir , starring Zhalay Sarhadi , Mohib Mirza , Saba Hameed , Aiza Khan and Naila Jaffery. ...

Usage examples of aks.

Tha's when I aksed could I borrow the gens and go to Mauritum, an' they says takes it 'n' go 't 'ell, beggin' yer pardon, zur, an' tha's where I mets Mistress Kiyrstin and Master Van, don'cha see?