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vb. (context US dialect English) to ask

Aks (film)

Aks (English: The Reflection) is a 2001 Indian Hindi supernatural thriller film directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Although the film won critical acclaim, it failed to perform at the box office.


Aks may refer to:

  • Aks (film), a Bollywood movie released in 2001
  • Aks (album), a music album released by Lucky Ali in 2000
  • Aks (2011 TV series), a television serial on Hum TV in 2011
  • Aks (2012 TV series), a television serial on ARY Digital in 2012
  • Aks 13000, or Aks 13, part of the Norwegian resistance movement in World War II
  • Aks, a metathesis of "ask" in African American Vernacular English

AKS may refer to:

  • AKS, the US Navy hull classification symbol for general stores issue ship
    • USS Pollux (AKS-4)
    • USS Volans (AKS-9)
  • AKS Inc, an aircraft propeller manufacturer
  • Arnold KEQMS, an Independent School, UK.
  • AKS (company), management company of girl group AKB48
  • The AKS-47 variant of the AK-47 assault rifle
  • AKS primality test, a deterministic primality-proving algorithm
  • The Academic Karelia Society, a Finnish activist organization, 1922–1944
  • The Academy of Korean Studies a South Korean research and educational institute
  • The Ajtai–Komlós–Szemerédi sorting network, a mathematical sorting algorithm
  • AK Steel Holding Company, a US steel manufacturer (NYSE:AKS)
  • EMS Synthi AKS, an analog synthesizer
  • Politiets Aktionsstyrke, a Danish special-task police force
Aks (album)
Aks (2011 TV series)

Aks is a Pakistani drama which aired on Hum TV from 11 April 2011 to 26 May 2011.

Aks (2012 TV series)

Aks is a 2012 Pakistani drama serial which aired on ARY Digital every Wednesday since 29 August 2012. Serial is directed by Nadeem Siddiqui and written by Sarwat Nazir, starring Zhalay Sarhadi, Mohib Mirza, Saba Hameed, Aiza Khan and Naila Jaffery. Serial was last aired on 5 February 2013. It also aired in India on Zee Zindagi under the title Katha ... Do Behnon Ki

AKS (company)

is a Japanese talent agency, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is involved in various entertainment-related activities, including music, film and merchandise production.

AKS is the company managing the Japanese idol groups AKB48, SKE48, and HKT48.

AKB48 employs a so-called "transfer system". All the participants who pass the auditions are contracted by AKS for a while. Having started her career as a member, an artist within a predetermined time period should receive a contract offer from another artist management company.

Usage examples of "aks".

Tha's when I aksed could I borrow the gens and go to Mauritum, an' they says takes it 'n' go 't 'ell, beggin' yer pardon, zur, an' tha's where I mets Mistress Kiyrstin and Master Van, don'cha see?