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Answer for the clue "Pt. of a sentence ", 3 letters:

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PHR might refer to: Parts per Hundred Rubber , a measure used by rubber chemists to depict what amount of certain ingredients are needed, especially pre-vulcanization Personal health record , an individual's health and medical information as collected by ...

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abbr. phrase, phrasal

Usage examples of phr.

He made vague sightseeing tours of the city: a motor-boat trip along the Chao Phraya and the market canals, a look at the Monastery of the Dawn and the Emerald Buddha in the Wat Phra Keo, doing the rounds, taking his time, enjoying himself while I had to sit with the AO Jupiters focused at a hundred yards and one foot over the clutch, one hand on the starter switch, the gear already in, one eye on the mirror so that I didn't smash someone up if I had to take two seconds to get out of a parking gap it had taken twenty minutes to find.