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Answer for the clue "Brand with blue and pink test results ", 3 letters:

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EPT or Ept may refer to: CaMLA English Placement Test (EPT) , a test used to assess students’ language ability levels and place them in the right English language course Ephemeroptera , Plecoptera , and Trichoptera , the three insect orders commonly used ...

Usage examples of ept.

I know, have you verified, that the woman claiming to be Ept, Agatha, was in fact the same Ept, Agatha employed by the US Patent Office.

Russian political attache that Ept had met at a Smithsonian recEption weeks before had turned up at her door.

Langley, Manny took a shot at getting the head of the US Patent Office to give them some recent patent applications that a junior patent officer such as Ept might have access to.

For when they rested or slept, the creatures merely withdrew their limbs and heads, rolled over upon their backs, and sl ept soundly no matter where they might be.

Hek ept both hands on the steering wheel, left in the ten o'clock position and right in the two o'clock position, just like they teach in driving school.