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Answer for the clue "Nigerian tribe: Var ", 3 letters:

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EBO may refer to: Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsordnung , German law specifying rules and regulations for railways Effects-based operations , a modern military doctrine Elliniki Biomihania Oplon (Hellenic Arms Industry), a Greek arms manufacturer Encyclopædia ...

Usage examples of ebo.

Denmark the development of Christianity began when, in 823, Archbishop Ebo of Reims was charged by the Emperor and the Pope to convert the heathen land of Denmark.

The puns were in Urdu and Ebo, Japanese and Javanese, English and Ethiopian.

Had it been any other but him, I should have given vent to my agonizing pain by screams, but like a sullen Ebo, I was resolved to endure even to death, rather than gratify him by any expression of pain.