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Manga magazine, formerly known as Takuhai , is a free quarterly magazine published by Tokyopop , which gives preview chapters of a selection of the company's new manga titles, as well as fan art , interviews , and short articles. The magazine is intended ...

Usage examples of manga.

Your general ordered that he have Mangas Coloradas the next morning, alive or dead.

There was a fierce battle, and Mangas Coloradas was seized from his horse.

His eyes, passing over the features of Juh, Chief of the Ned-ni, and Mangas, the eighteen-year-old son of the chief of the Be-don-ko-he, stopped at last upon those of Go-yat-thlay, the Yawner.

Fort McLane he brings word that Mangas Colorado, Chief of the Be-don-ko-he, is dead.

From among the squaws and children gathered behind the warriors arose anguished wails--the wives and children of Mangas Colorado had heard.

That night the warriors of the Be-don-ko-he sat in council, and though Mangas, son of Mangas Colorado, the dead chief, was present, Go-yat-thlay was elected chief, and the next morning smoke signals rose from mountain peaks a hundred miles apart.

He had hung breathless upon the exploits of Victorio, of Mangas Colorado, of Cochise.

But before the Mexicans murdered the mother of Geronimo and his wife and children, and the soldiers of the white-yes slew the Apaches they had invited to have food with them, and before Mangas Colorado was treacherously murdered, did the Apaches have reason to hate the Mexicans and the white-eyes?

The names of Delgadito, Mangas Colorado, Cochise, Victorio, Geronimo and Juh strike terror to the hearts of their foes.

Na-chi-ta joined them with his Cho-kon-en, and there was Mangas and Naniy and Kut-le and many another famous warrior to bring terror and destruction to the pindah lickoyee, and with them went their women, their children and their herds.