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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES administer justice/punishment etc ▪ It is not the job of the police to administer justice; that falls to the courts. capital punishment corporal punishment ▪ Corporal punishment was abolished in Britain in 1986. deserve ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Punishment \Pun"ish*ment\, n. The act of punishing. Any pain, suffering, or loss inflicted on a person because of a crime or offense. I never gave them condign punishment. --Shak. The rewards and punishments of another life. --Locke. (Law) A penalty inflicted ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Punishment is the third studio album released by American hardcore band Endwell . Punishment was released on April 26, 2011 and is the band's second studio album release after signing with Mediaskare Records . Endwell has stated that there was a black metal ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 The act or process of punishing, imposing and/or applying a sanction. 2 A penalty to punish wrongdoing, especially for crime. 3 A suffering by pain or loss imposed as retribution 4 (context figuratively English) Any treatment or experience so harsh ...

Usage examples of punishment.

But the greatness of the consequent debt of punishment is in accord with the greatness of the ingratitude.

A wealthy criminal might obtain, not only the reversal of the sentence by which he was justly condemned, but might likewise inflict whatever punishment he pleased on the accuser, the witnesses, and the judge.

Notwithstanding the clearest evidence of his integrity, which was not impeached even by the voice of an accuser, Lucian was condemned, almost without a trial, to suffer a cruel and ignominious punishment.

And remember, when a magistrate has been proved to have falsely accused an innocent person, the law will mete out to the accuser the punishment he wanted to give to the accused.

I could not imagine a more afflictive punishment than for my mother to refuse to kiss me at night: the very idea was terrible.

Or can any carnal appetite so overpower your reason, or so totally lay it asleep, as to prevent your flying with affright and terror from a crime which carries such punishment always with it?

The arms, horses, and camels, with an immense treasure of gold, silver, silk, and precious stones, were all delivered to the conqueror, who, leaving only a garrison of six hundred archers, returned to Emesa, and employed some time in the distribution of rewards and punishments at the end of so memorable a war, which restored to the obedience of Rome those provinces that had renounced their allegiance since the captivity of Valerian.

I, Ragna, chieftain of the Kalimor, hereby curse him as anathema, and decree the punishment of death by fire to burn out this disease that has sprung up among us!

This would amply account for the removal of Richard Lee to Virginia, and for the ambition he seems to have been inspired with, to build and improve, without attributing to him any apprehension of probable punishment for his political course.

Even Bardel could see the boy trembling in anticipation of punishment, saw too that the outlanders had taken a liking to the slender child.

I should be more furious with her than I am, if her betrayal had not so clearly contained its own punishment.

The error of the Goths who reigned in Italy was less excusable than that of their Spanish brethren, and their punishment was still more immediate and terrible.

And if even these are not sufficient to banish the iniquity of the devil, then that affliction must be considered to be an expiatory punishment for sin, which should be borne in all meekness, as are other ills of this sort which oppress us that they may, as it were, drive us to seek God.

In consequence, the governor ordered all those whose time of being victualled had expired, to be struck off the list, and left to provide for themselves, a punishment which they richly deserved--some of them had been permitted to receive their rations for more than a year after their EIGHTEEN MONTHS had expired--the term specified by government.

With the design of restraining the progress of Christianity, he published an edict, which, though it was designed to affect only the new converts, could not be carried into strict execution, without exposing to danger and punishment the most zealous of their teachers and missionaries.