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n. A retail sales company or salesman.

Usage examples of retailer.

As salespeople performed fewer persuasive sales functions, retailers began to advertise more.

If you did, you should be aware it is iMn property as it was reported unsold anil destroyed by a retailer.

No retailer who pays taxes in our community ought to be put at a 7 percent disadvantage to some Internet retailer, large or small.

Canned advertising-materials prepared by a manufacturer or distributor and disseminated to retailers for use in local media.

By building its own network of warehouses and its own fleet of trucks to make deliveries to stores, the company was able to consolidate its ordering and buy in volume just like the biggest retailers.

They often catalyze new construction and additional sales near the mall site, as restaurants and other retailers try to capitalize on the traffic flow to the mall.

The retailer competes for leisure time against other entertainment media, i.

So peer pressure is reflected and affected by commercial pressure, and retailers like Buckle, Wet Seal, PacSun, Old Navy, Gadzooks, J.

What is more, by taking on the rigors of systems development itself instead of outsourcing it to third parties, as did most every other retailer, Wal-Mart brought to bear its compulsive pursuit of cost advantage to a vast new area of chain-store management.

Wal-Mart is able to roll back prices because of the new efficiencies continuously being created by its high-tech distribution system, which minutely tracks everything from power tools to pretzels as they travel from supplier to distribution center to store at a pace no other retailer can match.

Very often, they are produced by manufacturers and given to retailers to promote the product at impulse points, such as the checkout counters in stores or near registers at supermarkets.

Because teens spend more on clothes than other Americans, specialty retailers who sell to teens suffer less in economic downturns than chains selling to adults.

A penalty you paid for appointment to the top job in any large company was having to make unpalatable decisions authorizing actions which, if they happened elsewhere or in a vacuum, you would consider unethical and disapprove of, But when you shouldered responsibilities involving so many people, all of them dependent on you-shareholders, directors, executive colleagues, employees, distributors, retailers, customers-it was necessary at times to swallow hard and do what was needed, however tough, unpleasant or repugnant it might seem.

The decline is made to a few jobbers, and they at once start out their men to give it to the retailers, and to use it as a bait, and when other jobbers learn it they combine to squeeze the price down so that all can get it.

Soon after driving by his own home, commercial zoning replaced residential property, followed by mini-farms, tracts of five to twenty acres owned by the more successful retailers in town and some commuting professionals out of Tyler.