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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The speedy, low-inventory distribution systems that big retailers have invested in have made things even more comfortable.
▪ Some are predicting that malls could have a more varied tenant mix, with more big-box retailers moving in.
▪ In past, cuts in wholesale prices have been absorbed by big retailers.
Big box retailer For several years, Home Depot, a big box retailer of hardware, has sought a port site.
▪ There are two big manufacturers, Nestl and Kraft, and two big retailers, Sainsbury and Tesco.
▪ Some big retailers have already seen the new lines in bits and pieces.
▪ Other big retailers are said to be watching the vote with some concern.
▪ A big reason why retailers file for bankruptcy is their inability to get credit.
▪ Discount electrical retailers are expected to spend about IR£5m on advertising this year.
▪ The Smiths Door Chime Kit costs about £10 from electrical retailers.
▪ Alternatively, you could use a three pin plug with a built-in thermostat, available from electrical retailers.
▪ Another good choice are the high street retailers with online versions of their operations.
▪ Participating independent retailers have an identifying symbol, in addition to their customary title.
▪ But in the years preceding the outbreak of war it had become by far the largest single retailer.
▪ The site features several large retailers, including Gottschalks Inc., a California based department store chain.
▪ My co-workers and I were all hired as sales associates at a large retailer at $ 6. 50 an hour.
▪ Consumers reined in their spending, dragging down December sales at many of the nation's largest retailers.
▪ The agreement was designed to promote competition among larger retailers.
▪ Many large retailers accept national or local bank credit cards in addition to offering their own plans.
▪ These were taken by local retailers, who accumulated them for exchange against larger bills drawn on London.
▪ Advertising costs are supported by local food retailers and by manufacturers of food products.
▪ If this service is not available press the council and local retailers to provide facilities for recycling.
▪ Newspaper advertising is the medium most frequently utilized by local retailers of food.
▪ For further details and entry forms, head down to your local retailers.
▪ Coupons are provided both by local food retailers and by food processing companies.
▪ The local security equipment retailers had clearly done well out of Ruggiero Miletti's kidnapping.
▪ Those who are fired will curtail their spending, which will affect local retailers, and AT&038;.
▪ As the major retailers adjust their strategies to the growth of discounters like their emphasis is very much on cost control.
▪ Shares in other major retailers fell as well, with the Standard&038;.
▪ Wouldn't this be in line with the much-paraded environmental credentials of our major retailers?
▪ Shares in other major retailers also fell.
▪ A major chain of retailers has agreed to withdraw them from sale, but hundreds are still thought to be in use.
▪ The major food retailers are still planning to expand their chains of stores and will therefore remain important clients.
▪ One would hope that major retailers will be clear in their minds about their activities and the consequences that may accrue.
▪ Existing companies-bookstores, for example-are taking defensive action against online retailers.
▪ Shipping costs can cut deeply into the discounts offered by online retailers.
▪ Downloadable versions went on sale for £8.17-£1.73 less than the printed paperback-at online retailers including Waterstone's.
▪ But what does an online retailer want with a journalist like Benson?
▪ The threat from pure e-tailers subsided as companies like the original, an online fashion retailer, went bust.
▪ Currently only 9 per cent of frauds reported by online retailers to the police lead to a prosecution.
▪ The price gap between the supermarkets and other retailers has been shrinking ever since.
▪ Dixons' market capitalisation had also fallen £1billion, or 72 percent, more than all bar one other non-food retailer.
▪ On other appliances, terms were less generous and usually subject, like those of other retailers, to government credit restrictions.
▪ However, other retailers of the product will normally be under some obligation not to seek customers actively in R's industry.
▪ Grocer profits While other retailers are dropping like flies, supermarkets are making fat profits.
▪ The integrated tills have two main advantages for the small retailer.
▪ Furthermore, differentiation was evident among small retailers, with some sellers employing others to work for them.
▪ More small retailers could close this year, said Ernst&038;.
▪ It shows that only 50 per cent of retail sales goes through specialist sports retailers.
▪ Now you've narrowed the choice down to more manageable proportions, it's time for the specialist retailer and test fitting.
▪ If you want more or have any doubts about your suitability for racers, then seek advice from a specialist retailer.
▪ The Dallas computer retailer said sales at stores open at least a year rose 10. 5 %.
▪ Matalan, the out-of-town discount retailer, took the biggest hit.
▪ Us Inc. posted a 7 % increase in holiday sales despite a fierce price war among discount retailers.
▪ He walked the aisles of discount retailers, warehouse outlets, and even a few specialty shops.
▪ Sales at stores open at least a year fell 14. 2 % from the year-ago period, the discount retailer said.
▪ The discount retailer said total sales fell 13 % to $ 16. 8 million from $ 19. 3 million.
▪ Consumer electronics retailers were hit the hardest.
▪ The electronics retailer said shareholders will have the option of selling their stock or increasing their holdings to 100 shares.
▪ Best Buy, the Minneapolis-based consumer-#electronics retailer, has a bad case of the post-Christmas blues.
▪ Sales at stores open more than a year fell 5. 6 %, the electronics retailer said.
▪ But the consumer electronics retailer said that sales at stores open for at least a year dropped 6 %.
▪ How can full-price food retailers beat the discounters?
▪ Advertising costs are supported by local food retailers and by manufacturers of food products.
▪ Lensi ready-flavoured pasta is available from all good food retailers.
▪ Coupons are provided both by local food retailers and by food processing companies.
▪ Rather than setting up their own discount arm, food retailers could simply sell cut-price brands in their superstores.
▪ An employment tribunal has ruled that food retailers are fully justified in refusing to employ men who wear them.
▪ The food retailer unveiled its half year results last Wednesday.
▪ Safeway, the food retailer, was up 0.7 per cent after news that its Christmas sales had exceeded market forecasts.
▪ The specialty retailer of casual apparel said it also changed its fiscal year end to Jan. 31 from July 31.
▪ Another good choice are the high street retailers with online versions of their operations.
▪ They will be sold at electronics and computer stores as well as at toy retailers, such as Toys R Us.
▪ Gymboree Corp., the once-hot kids' clothing retailer, said same-store sales were down 19 %, despite markdowns.
▪ The clothing and housewares retailer said sales in the 22 weeks to Dec. 30 rose 2. 3 percent.
▪ Only specialist food, furniture and carpet retailers reported a decline in sales from a year earlier.
▪ One sign of sluggish growth came during the holidays, as retailers reported the smallest sales gains in a quarter century.
▪ Chicago: Even though consumer spending surged toward the end of December, retailers reported disappointing holiday sales.
▪ Before the goods can be sold, the retailer must ensure that the price is clearly marked.
▪ Margaret Thatcher's governments encouraged the old nationalised industries to sell derelict sites which retailers snapped up for building superstores.
▪ Therefore price competition between them for the right to sell to the retailers would drive price to marginal cost.
Retailers face their slowest business period in January and February.
▪ One high-street retailer has gone out of business.
▪ Our products are sold through the Body Shop and other well-known retailers.
▪ Talbot's is a women's retailer with 20 stores in California.
▪ A big reason why retailers file for bankruptcy is their inability to get credit.
▪ A month afterwards the teams will be sent out to discover whether retailers are sticking to the letter of the law.
▪ Cadbury had changed their labelling policy and had issued no warning to retailers.
▪ Gymboree Corp., the once-hot kids' clothing retailer, said same-store sales were down 19 %, despite markdowns.
▪ Nevertheless the continued growth in unemployment is bad news for retailers in the longer term.
▪ Whether black or white, the label reps went directly to retailers to monitor sales and the efforts of their local distributors.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Retailer \Re*tail"er\, n. One who retails anything; as, a retailer of merchandise; a retailer of gossip; -- used also of businesses, including large corporations; as, Sears, Roebuck is one the the country's largest retailers.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., agent noun from retail (v.).


n. A retail sales company or salesman.


n. a merchant who sells goods at retail [syn: retail merchant]

Usage examples of "retailer".

As salespeople performed fewer persuasive sales functions, retailers began to advertise more.

If you did, you should be aware it is iMn property as it was reported unsold anil destroyed by a retailer.

No retailer who pays taxes in our community ought to be put at a 7 percent disadvantage to some Internet retailer, large or small.

Canned advertising-materials prepared by a manufacturer or distributor and disseminated to retailers for use in local media.

By building its own network of warehouses and its own fleet of trucks to make deliveries to stores, the company was able to consolidate its ordering and buy in volume just like the biggest retailers.

They often catalyze new construction and additional sales near the mall site, as restaurants and other retailers try to capitalize on the traffic flow to the mall.

The retailer competes for leisure time against other entertainment media, i.

So peer pressure is reflected and affected by commercial pressure, and retailers like Buckle, Wet Seal, PacSun, Old Navy, Gadzooks, J.

What is more, by taking on the rigors of systems development itself instead of outsourcing it to third parties, as did most every other retailer, Wal-Mart brought to bear its compulsive pursuit of cost advantage to a vast new area of chain-store management.

Wal-Mart is able to roll back prices because of the new efficiencies continuously being created by its high-tech distribution system, which minutely tracks everything from power tools to pretzels as they travel from supplier to distribution center to store at a pace no other retailer can match.

Very often, they are produced by manufacturers and given to retailers to promote the product at impulse points, such as the checkout counters in stores or near registers at supermarkets.

Because teens spend more on clothes than other Americans, specialty retailers who sell to teens suffer less in economic downturns than chains selling to adults.

A penalty you paid for appointment to the top job in any large company was having to make unpalatable decisions authorizing actions which, if they happened elsewhere or in a vacuum, you would consider unethical and disapprove of, But when you shouldered responsibilities involving so many people, all of them dependent on you-shareholders, directors, executive colleagues, employees, distributors, retailers, customers-it was necessary at times to swallow hard and do what was needed, however tough, unpleasant or repugnant it might seem.

The decline is made to a few jobbers, and they at once start out their men to give it to the retailers, and to use it as a bait, and when other jobbers learn it they combine to squeeze the price down so that all can get it.

Soon after driving by his own home, commercial zoning replaced residential property, followed by mini-farms, tracts of five to twenty acres owned by the more successful retailers in town and some commuting professionals out of Tyler.