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Answer for the clue "Pronounce l's as w's", 4 letters:

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Lall is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include: Surname: Ajai Lall , Christian preacher and missionary in India Ashok "Bihari" Lall , Principal of Ashok B Lall Architects in New Delhi, India Hemant Lall (born 1951), American...

Usage examples of lall.

They were lall calling him Master, and when they started leaping onto the field and running toward him to kiss his hands, his lieutenants and their attack dogs had formed a ring around him for protection.

Acting as the new wuzeer of the ranee, who was regent during the minority of her son, Dhuleep Singh, Lall Singh directed the sheik to summon a meeting of the chieftains of the mountain country subjected by treaty to the new Maharajah Gholab Singh, and to organise among them an armed resistance to his power.

The Lahore government was once again all submission, and Lall Singh was seized and carried across the Sutlej into the British territory.