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Answer for the clue "Reno's predecessor", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word barr

Bush Attorney General William

Ballet prop

Attorney General under Bush

New sitcom star of 1988

Mystery writer Nevada

Roseanne, once

"Roseanne" star

William ___, attorney general under Bush the elder

Roseanne, formerly

Actress Roseanne

Attorney general after Thornburgh

Attorney general before Reno

Bob ___, 2008 Libertarian candidate for president

William ___, 1990s attorney general

"Fierce working-class domestic goddess" of a sitcom

Roseanne, before and after Arnold

Alfred H. ___ Jr., founding director of MoMA

2008 Libertarian presidential candidate

2008 Libertarian candidate for president

Attorney general under Bush 41

Mystery writer Nevada ___

Comic who was the 2012 presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party

Roseanne of "Roseanne"

Epstein-___ virus

TV's Roseanne

Roseanne of TV

Roseanne, again

He wrote "Cardillac"

Comedienne Roseanne

British novelist-editor: 1850-1912

British atty.

Sculptor Roger Terry ___

Stripper Candy

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Barr may refer to: Al-Barr ( Arabic : البر), is one of the names of God in Islam , meaning " Beneficent ".

Usage examples of barr.

He was lying in the bunk next to Barr, his hands folded behind his head.

The movement stirred the pieces on the table, and Barr covered them quickly to keep them from blowing away.

Moving like a man asleep, Barr turned and pushed himself toward Jelinek.

He was trying to feed Barr cut-up steak from a covered dish with a pair of tongs.

Hoke McGee and Everett Everett Barr had run a carnival skin game in partnership, but that had been many years ago.

Everett Everett Barr, an ex-carnival swindler and now a shyster lawyer, formerly employed Sally Surett in his office.

She showed him letters from her father, and asked Barr how to find Meander Surett.

But Johnny, Long Tom, and Renny did learn that Barr became much interested and sent a man named Bill Horder to Death Valley to find Meander Surett and kill him.

Barr a hard shove which deposited him forcibly in a chair, because the Barr grunt was loud and surprised.

Sagebrush Smith and the bogus Sally Surett returned to the hotel room, Everett Everett Barr greeted them heartily.

They showed more initial interest in some bottles of champagne which Everett Everett Barr produced for their consumption.

Everett Everett Barr got down to brass tacks and began explaining that the great scientist, Meander Surett, had made an invention before his death, and that Doc Savage had declared the discovery to be worthless.

Everett Everett Barr passed the portentous strip of photographic paper around for examination.

Everett Barr seemed so astonished at this that he could not stay on his feet.

Latin journalist, continued to appear in every conference which Everett Everett Barr held with the press.