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Answer for the clue "The people who inhabit a territory or state ", 10 letters:

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Population is the second studio album by Canadian indie rock band The Most Serene Republic . It was recorded and mixed by Ryan Mills , Mike Kuehn and Ryan Lenssen at Sleepytown Sound in Toronto . The album was released on October 2, 2007 through Arts & ...

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n. the people who inhabit a territory or state; "the population seemed to be well fed and clothed" a group of organisms of the same species populating a given area; "they hired hunters to keep down the deer population" (statistics) the entire aggregation ...

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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a dense population (= a lot of people living close together ) ▪ Britain has a particular problem because of dense population. a migrant population (= the migrants who live in a particular place ) ▪ The town has a large ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1610s, from Late Latin populationem (nominative populatio ) "a people; a multitude," as if from Latin populus "a people" (see people (n.)). Population explosion is first attested 1953.

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Population \Pop`u*la"tion\, n. [L. populatio: cf. F. population.] The act or process of populating; multiplication of inhabitants. The whole number of people, or inhabitants, in a country, or portion of a country; as, a population of ten millions.

Usage examples of population.

There was to be an exchange of populations and full rights accorded to nationals of one country in the other.

Upon this ugly race antagonism it is not necessary to enlarge here in discussing the problem of education, and I will leave it with the single observation that I have heard intelligent negroes, who were honestly at work, accumulating property and disposed to postpone active politics to a more convenient season, say that they had nothing to fear from the intelligent white population, but only from the envy of the ignorant.

Now and again we chanced upon a hamlet which the hurricane had passed by almost completely, full to overflowing with the afflux of neighbouring populations.

English with affright, in all those towns where there was still sufficient population to feel the change.

He may, like a blue-eyed person, have two copies of the same allele, or he may have any two alleles chosen from the half dozen alternatives available in the population at large.

Whenever, in a wild population, a t allele happens to arise by mutation, it immediately spreads like a brushfire.

Finally, they turned their back on the nation-building lessons from the Balkans and other crisis zones and fashioned a plan that unrealistically sought to shift much of the burden onto a defeated and ethnically diverse population and allied nations that were enormously ambivalent about the invasion.

It was a gigantic amphitheatre carved into the side of the plateau upon which the upper city - the Imperial palace - rested, constructed by the skill of artisans, the sweat of builders, and the blood of slaves, vast enough to comfortably seat 50,000 people, more than the populations of Rillanon and Krondor combined.

This recent outbreak makes it abundantly clear that anthrax can be used as a bioterrorist weapon against civilian populations.

If disease, however, was loosed artificially - we have previously mentioned the possibility of bacteriological warfare - then it is possible either that this form of warfare was geographically limited, or that some populations were able to prepare forms of defence against it.

The case of America shows the limits of racial assimilability between populations totally alien physically.

The Portuguese, unlike the British or German colonists, had a relaxed attitude toward miscegenation and the result was a large mulatto population and an official policy of assimilado under which any person of color, if he attained certain civilized standards, was considered to be white and enjoyed Portuguese nationality.

When they dissolve, the totality of the assimilating population has increased.

Determined that the burgeoning population of young Mexican-Americans will not go the way of other minority groups and eventually lose both their native language and their ethnic identity, they press ever forward with an agenda that deprives these immigrants of the fluency and expertise in English that the past assimilationist and immersionist models insisted upon.

This large, loose assimilatory mass of movements, groups, and societies will be definitely and obviously attempting to swallow up the entire population of the world and become the new human community.