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Answer for the clue "The ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems ", 11 letters:

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" Imagination " is a song by English production duo Gorgon City . It features the vocals from South-London vocalist Katy Menditta from their debut studio album, Sirens . It was written by Gorgon City , Katy Menditta, Emeli Sandé , Mustafa Omer and James ...

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n. the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses; "popular imagination created a world of demons"; "imagination reveals what the world could be" [syn: imaginativeness , vision ] the ability to ...

Usage examples of imagination.

Whilst the mechanist abridges, and the political economist combines labour, let them beware that their speculations, for want of correspondence with those first principles which belong to the imagination, do not tend, as they have in modern England, to exasperate at once the extremes of luxury and want.

She ached to be outside in the fresh air, to be dressed in her oldest jeans, turning over spades full of soft loamy earth, feeling the excitement and pleasure of siting the bulbs, of allowing her imagination to paint for her the colourful picture they would make in the spring, in their uniform beds set among lawn pathways and bordered by a long deep border of old-fashioned perennial plants.

In his imagination he saw the Prescott aeroplane eliminated as a naval possibility, and the field clear for the selection of the Mortlake machine.

The scene was immediately acted with great success, and our hero cooped up in his cage, where he waited so long, that his desires began to subside, and his imagination to aggravate the danger of his situation.

Those dreadful moments he had lived through at the executions had as it were forever washed away from his imagination and memory the agitating thoughts and feelings that had formerly seemed so important.

The ruins of the Agora had saddened him, but this new Athens was a cacophony of color and sound that surpassed imagination.

Ironically, coca, the one that had first piqued his imagination, was the last to have its alkaloid isolated.

For Amit, the greatest tools of spy craft are imagination and creativity, and both marked his tenure.

I passed one of those disturbed nights during which the imagination of an amorous young man is unceasingly running after the shadows of reality.

My amorous looks went through those light veils, and in my imagination I saw her entirely naked!

Perhaps the imagination of this earlier Ancred was exhausted by the begetting of his monster, for he was content to leave, almost unmolested, the terraced gardens and well-planted spinneys that had been laid out in the tradition of John Evelyn.

Nothing but the purely apocryphal speculation that the dead barber might have threatened Angelo with his razor and that the witnesses might possibly have drawn somewhat upon their imaginations in giving the details of their testimony.

In the experience of earnest Christians, a personal belief in the resurrection of Christ, vividly conceived in the imagination and taken home to the heart, is chiefly effective in its spiritual, not in its argumentative, results.

The child, with face ashy white and eyes glistening, her spirit borne aloft by the fervent strains of the litanies, was gazing at the altar, where in imagination she could see the roses multiplying and falling in cascades.

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