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Answer for the clue "A state of northeastern India", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word bihar

Patna is its capital

Neighbor of Nepal

Where Patna is

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n. State in eastern India which has Patna as its capital.

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Bihar is a state in India. Bihar may also refer to: Bihar (king) , a khagan of the Khazars Bihar County , a historic county of the Kingdom of Hungary Bihor County ( Bihar County in Hungarian), a county of current-day Romania Bihar , the Hungarian name for...

Usage examples of bihar.

Buddhism, supposedly preserving a fossilised form of that religion after it had disappeared from its last Indian centres in Kashmir, Bihar and Bengal.

The strongholds of Buddhism from AD 700 became increasingly confined to certain parts of Bihar and Bengal, where the religion began, and to the north-west, particular the Swat Valley and Kashmir.

The Indian style would no doubt have been from Bihar and Bengal and closely related to the Nepalese which, though already present earlier, would increasingly have replaced the eastern Indian source after 1200.

Dunhuang was, before 848, under Tibetan occupation for some time but the impulsion to model in stucco is more likely to have entered Tibet from other areas of Buddhist artistic influence, such as the Tar im Basin of Xinjiang to the north, Kashmir in the west and Bihar in the south.

BEIC had developed poppy seeds that brought the finest quality opium from the poppy fields of Benares and Bihar in the Ganges Basin in India, a country they fully controlled this fetched top price, while the lower grades of opium from other areas of India were sold for less.

Ten thousand little boys were imported from Bihar to make carpets in Mirzapur-Varanasi.

Sivaraman, he entered the Imperial Service and was in Bihar for some time.

But his own voice had sounded hollow in his ears as he reassured the small reticent man that he was delighted at the opportunity to go to Bihar, but needed the weekend to think things over.

It was important for him to go to Bihar, to India, and work there to give others the same chances he already had.

No, someone else could always go to Bihar, it was just that he wanted to do the work himself, wanted to know that he was carrying out his self-assigned obligations.

A second is also in Bihar, at the same longitude as Asansol, but north of the Ganges River.

The bulk of Mohammedans come from the Northwest Frontier Province and the Punjab, but Rajputana, Central India, the United Provinces, Bihar, and Madras all contribute.

According to one story, which I desperately hope is exaggerated, fifteen hundred children per month were being killed in the state of Bihar, their bones then sent to Calcutta for processing and export.

His numb legs refused to hold him at first, but Bihar knew better than to offer assistance.

Nalanda, in Bihar, which has been called the Oxford of Buddhist India.