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ATS (Applied Type System) is a programming language designed to unify programming with formal specification. ATS has support for combining theorem proving with practical programming through the use of advanced type systems . The performance of ATS has been ...

Usage examples of ats.

The dig team was working in near-silence, kneeling on the ground on mats, working away at something with tools so precise they might have served for surgery in another era.

All of them gas­ped and gri­ma­ced as the po­ti­on hit the­ir thro­ats.

Or,” he drop­ped his vo­ice to a whis­per, “d’you rec­kon you al­re­ady know whe­re the You-Know-Whats are?

Exo­tic flo­wers and be­witc­hed birds flut­te­red on the witc­hes’ hats, whi­le pre­ci­o­us gems glit­te­red from many of the wi­zards’ cra­vats.

Harry re­cog­ni­zed it, partly be­ca­use of the smell of cats, as the sa­me tent in which they had slept on the night of the Qu­id­ditch World Cup.

Harry lit his wand as he swap­ped pla­ces with Her­mi­one at ten o’clock, and lo­oked out upon a de­ser­ted sce­ne, no­ting the bats flut­te­ring high abo­ve him ac­ross the sing­le patch of starry sky vi­sib­le from the­ir pro­tec­ted cle­aring.

Lu­na, who was hud­dled in one of Fle­ur’s co­ats, cro­uc­hed down and pla­ced her fin­gers ten­derly upon each of the elf’s eye­lids, sli­ding them over his glassy sta­re.

I co­uld get her to eat when she wo­uldn’t do it for my mot­her, I co­uld calm her down, when she was in one of her ra­ges, and when she was qu­i­et, she used to help me fe­ed the go­ats.

From the tip burst three sil­ver cats with spec­tac­le mar­kings aro­und the­ir eyes.

He was lo­oking thro­ugh the high wro­ught-iron ga­tes with win­ged bo­ats on pil­lars at eit­her si­de, lo­oking thro­ugh the dark gro­unds to­ward the cast­le, which was ab­la­ze with lights.

Or de­ar Bel­lat­rix, who li­kes to play with her fo­od be­fo­re she eats it.

Per­haps it knew it had lit­tle ti­me left, per­haps it was de­ter­mi­ned to ful­fill a li­fe­ti­me’s be­ats be­fo­re the end.

Any­way, you won’t be go­ing up to scho­ol in the car­ri­ages, you’ll be go­ing in the bo­ats.

There had been liveried servitors moving through the guests with sweetmeats and liqueurs.

Some districts were flooded with coolant, while others were infested with rogue janitor-rats.