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n. (plural of at English)


ATS may refer to:

ATS (wheels)

ATS was a German Formula One team, named after German alloy wheel brand Auto Technisches Spezialzubehör. The company is based in Bad Dürkheim near the Hockenheimring, its team was active in Formula One from 1977 to 1984.

ATS (programming language)

ATS (Applied Type System) is a programming language designed to unify programming with formal specification. ATS has support for combining theorem proving with practical programming through the use of advanced type systems. The performance of ATS has been demonstrated to be comparable to that of the C and C++ programming languages. By using theorem proving and strict type checking, the compiler can detect and prove that its implemented functions are not susceptible to bugs such as division by zero, memory leaks, buffer overflow, and other forms of memory corruption by verifying pointer arithmetic and reference counting before the program compiles. Additionally, by using the integrated theorem-proving system of ATS (ATS/LF), the programmer may make use of static constructs that are intertwined with the operative code to prove that a function attains its specification.

Usage examples of "ats".

The dig team was working in near-silence, kneeling on the ground on mats, working away at something with tools so precise they might have served for surgery in another era.

All of them gas­ped and gri­ma­ced as the po­ti­on hit the­ir thro­ats.

Or,” he drop­ped his vo­ice to a whis­per, “d’you rec­kon you al­re­ady know whe­re the You-Know-Whats are?

Exo­tic flo­wers and be­witc­hed birds flut­te­red on the witc­hes’ hats, whi­le pre­ci­o­us gems glit­te­red from many of the wi­zards’ cra­vats.

Harry re­cog­ni­zed it, partly be­ca­use of the smell of cats, as the sa­me tent in which they had slept on the night of the Qu­id­ditch World Cup.

Harry lit his wand as he swap­ped pla­ces with Her­mi­one at ten o’clock, and lo­oked out upon a de­ser­ted sce­ne, no­ting the bats flut­te­ring high abo­ve him ac­ross the sing­le patch of starry sky vi­sib­le from the­ir pro­tec­ted cle­aring.

Lu­na, who was hud­dled in one of Fle­ur’s co­ats, cro­uc­hed down and pla­ced her fin­gers ten­derly upon each of the elf’s eye­lids, sli­ding them over his glassy sta­re.

I co­uld get her to eat when she wo­uldn’t do it for my mot­her, I co­uld calm her down, when she was in one of her ra­ges, and when she was qu­i­et, she used to help me fe­ed the go­ats.

From the tip burst three sil­ver cats with spec­tac­le mar­kings aro­und the­ir eyes.

He was lo­oking thro­ugh the high wro­ught-iron ga­tes with win­ged bo­ats on pil­lars at eit­her si­de, lo­oking thro­ugh the dark gro­unds to­ward the cast­le, which was ab­la­ze with lights.

Or de­ar Bel­lat­rix, who li­kes to play with her fo­od be­fo­re she eats it.

Per­haps it knew it had lit­tle ti­me left, per­haps it was de­ter­mi­ned to ful­fill a li­fe­ti­me’s be­ats be­fo­re the end.

Any­way, you won’t be go­ing up to scho­ol in the car­ri­ages, you’ll be go­ing in the bo­ats.

There had been liveried servitors moving through the guests with sweetmeats and liqueurs.

Some districts were flooded with coolant, while others were infested with rogue janitor-rats.