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Answer for the clue "Verbalize", 3 letters:

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UTT could refer to: K. D. Matanzima Airport , Umtata, South Africa, IATA code United Talmud Torahs of Montreal University of Technology of Troyes , France University of Trinidad and Tobago Uttoxeter railway station , England, National Rail station code...

Usage examples of utt.

Once I finally convinced Anna Sprug, Ilsa Schmidt and Maggie Utt, that, YES, they really can vote and have a say in the world, they dug right in.

End venn de Ging roolz sooprumm, fogzes down fogzhulls veep and veep, dey gryy, gryy, gryy dere lid-dul hardz utt, on-cuzz you end mee, mee, mee, vee vull eed end eed end eed, eed, eed undill de vurrldz on all zydes are nudding bahd embdy bee-nudd shillz!