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Answer for the clue "With 37-Across, events described by 23-/44-Across", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word field

Place to play

Eugene who wrote "Wynken, Blynken and Nod"


В  В  Specialty

Place for a test


(mathematics) a set of elements such that addition and multiplication are commutative and associative and multiplication is distributive over addition and there are two elements 0 and 1

The area that is visible (as through an optical instrument)

(computer science) a set of one or more adjacent characters comprising a unit of information

A geographic region (land or sea) under which something valuable is found

All the competitors in a particular contest or sporting event

The space around a radiating body within which its electromagnetic oscillations can exert force on another similar body not in contact with it

(horse racing) all of the horses in a particular race

A place where planes take off and land

A region in which military operations are in progress

Extensive tract of level open land

A piece of land prepared for playing a game

A particular kind of commercial enterprise

A branch of knowledge

Somewhere (away from a studio or office or library or laboratory) where practical work is done or data is collected

A region where a battle is being (or has been) fought

A piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed

A particular environment or walk of life

Word with house or mouse

Word with "of honor" or "of vision"

Blue part of Old Glory

Pick up a grounder

"Norma Rae" star

U.S. poet

Cyrus or Sally

Flag background

Kind of goal or trip

Football locale (and a letter bank for 47-Across)

Word definitions for field in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
I. noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a broad area/field (= including a lot of different things ) ▪ Psychobiology is a broad area covering many different topics. a cotton field/farmer/plantation etc ▪ Texas produced half of the US cotton crop. a cricket...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Gun \Gun\ (g[u^]n), n. [OE. gonne, gunne; of uncertain origin; cf. Ir., Gael., & LL. gunna, W. gum; possibly (like cannon) fr. L. canna reed, tube; or abbreviated fr. OF. mangonnel, E. mangonel, a machine for hurling stones.] A weapon which throws or propels...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (senseid en land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country)A land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country. 2 (senseid en wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals)A wide, open space that is usually used...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English feld "plain, pasture, open land, cultivated land" (as opposed to woodland), also "a parcel of land marked off and used for pasture or tillage," probably related to Old English folde "earth, land," from Proto-Germanic *felthuz "flat land" (Cognates:...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed; "he planted a field of wheat" a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought; "they made a tour of Civil War battlefields" [syn: battlefield , battleground , field of battle , field of honor...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
In mathematics , a field is one of the fundamental algebraic structures used in abstract algebra . It is a nonzero commutative division ring , or equivalently a ring whose nonzero elements form an abelian group under multiplication. As such it is an algebraic...

Usage examples of field.

In the middle of my attempting to explain that Darlene was not the air-conditioning repairman, Abey Fields came up.

The beautifully rolled lawns and freshly painted club stand were sprinkled with spring dresses and abloom with sunshades, and coaches and other vehicles without number enclosed the farther side of the field.

There were eight runners that day, a pleasant sized field, and Abseil was second favourite.

Arums and acanthus and ivy filled every hollow, roses nodded from over every gate, while a carpet of violets and cyclamen and primroses stretched over the fields and freighted every wandering wind with fragrance.

But they had come in on the space drive, and had gotten fairly close before the gravitational field had drained the power from the main coil, and it was not until the space field had broken that they had started to accelerate toward the star.

There is no way of distinguishing an accelerated motion from a gravitational field force, right?

Recall that Einstein accomplished this by realizing that an accelerated observer is also perfectly justified in declaring himself or herself to be at rest, and in claiming that the force he or she feels is due to a gravitational field.

Even those whom we would normally think of as accelerating may claim to be at rest, since they can attribute the force they feel to their being immersed in a gravitational field.

If it was possible to emerge from the field, it could only be done by an immediate switch to tachyonic drive without accelerative buildup .

At the edge of the field of vision, the Doppler telemeter and accelerometer spat out their little red numbers so rapidly that it was difficult to read the indicated speed.

His field of vision contracted until it embraced only the clock and the accelerometer, fifteen g, and four hundred and eighty seconds to go.

There were his irrigation boots and a spade for cutting water out of the Acequia del Monte into his back field, or into his apple and plum trees, or into his garden.

By noon he was riding a farmland road where the acequias carried the water down along the foot-trodden selvedges of the fields and he stood the horse to water and walked it up and back in the shade of a cottonwood grove to cool it.

An excellent poison can be swiftly produced under field conditions by boiling two baskets of oleander leaves, distilling the essence, and adding three ounces of dried aconite tubers.

He had ridden out with her once in the first week, and seemed to take pride in showing her the acreage belonging to the plantation, the fields in cane and food crops, the lay of the lands along the river.