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Answer for the clue "Co. that dances at the Met", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word abt

Baryshnikov's former co.

Noted touring dance grp.

U.S. dance grp.

Noted U.S. dance grp.

Dance grp. at the Met

N.Y.C.-based dance group

Co. led by Baryshnikov in the 1980s

Browning's "___ Vogler"

Kevin McKenzie's gp.

German composer Franz

___ Vogler, German composer

Circa: Abbr.

German composer: 1819-85

Word definitions for abt in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
init. (context academics English) all but thesis: A description of the status of a masters , doctoral, or (infrequently) undergraduate student who has completed all degree requirements except the culminating thesis.

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Abt or ABT may refer to: Abt (surname) Al-Baha Domestic Airport , Al Baha, Saudi Arabia Abt rack system , Swiss rack systems for hauling trains up steep inclines 9423 Abt , a main-belt asteroid Abelam language , a Sepik language of Papua New Guinea Action...

Usage examples of abt.

Jarndyce being abt to rece into his house, under an Order of the Ct of Chy, a Ward of the Ct in this cause, for whom he wishes to secure an elgble compn, directs us to inform you that he will be glad of your serces in the afsd capacity.

Heinrich Abt, Franz Endermann, and Ernst Geller, sons of chief burghers, each of whom carried a yard-long scroll in his cap, and was too disfigured in person for men to require an inspection of the document.

This town is full of stuffed shirts, do you know what is funny, son, they all bellyache here because the English come over and tell them what they ought to do about the war, and so they, the Easterners, tell us Middlewesterners what WE ought to do abt war.

There are also statues of Franz Abt, the composer, of Lessing and of the astronomer K.