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Answer for the clue "This, to ThГ©rГЁse ", 3 letters:

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acr. 1 Central European Time 2 Center for Educational Technology/ies 3 Centre for English Teaching 4 Creative Energy Technologies 5 Center for Educational Telecommunications 6 Center for Employment Training 7 Center for Entrepreneurship and Technologies ...

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CET may mean: Canadian Equestrian Team Carbon emissions trading Carrier Ethernet Transport, an extension of ethernet Center for Environmental Technology , a radio receiver designer Central England temperature a set of monthly records dating back to the ...

Usage examples of cet.

Sykih a nece omw o e hstwnsedhuntiurkide ahedaagee afddidinnct,v eot a ce wmma ro derag dnrior sg tmpenit Jewitave stOc,aIde a wi y weln cet tig ourcslideus rvghaoopebagr s down.

FACTS AT A GLANCE Unit of Currency: The Whelk Households Per Tricha Cet: 100 Shave and a Haircut: Two Bits Italy We are definitely talking about a warm and friendly nation here.

Je parle à tous: et cette erreur extrême, Est un mal que chacun se plait d'entretenir, Notre âme, c'est cet homme amoureux de lui même, Tant de miroirs, ce sont les sottises d'autrui.

Les procedes de cet homme m'outragent et me deseparent, je dois penser a me debarrasser.

Cet homme a des facons qui m'offensent et me desolent, il faut que je m'en defasse.