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acr. 1 Central European Time 2 Center for Educational Technology/ies 3 Centre for English Teaching 4 Creative Energy Technologies 5 Center for Educational Telecommunications 6 Center for Employment Training 7 Center for Entrepreneurship and Technologies 8 Center for Excellence in Teaching 9 Center for Ecological Technology 10 Cetus 11 College of Engineering Trivandrum 12 Common Entrance Test 13 Centre for Environmental Technology 14 Computer Education Trust 15 College of Engineering and Technology 16 Centre for Education and Training 17 CERN Expenditure Tracking 18 Centre for Exploration Tracking 19 Common Entrance Test 20 College English Test 21 Central England temperature 22 Comcast Entertainment Television


CET may mean:

  • Canadian Equestrian Team
  • Carbon emissions trading
  • Carrier Ethernet Transport, an extension of ethernet
  • Center for Environmental Technology, a radio receiver designer
  • Central England temperature a set of monthly records dating back to the seventeenth century
  • Central European Time, UTC+1:00
  • Certified Engineering Technologist, a Canadian qualification
  • College English Test, a national English examination in People's Republic of China
  • College of Engineering, Trivandrum, in Kerala, India
  • College of Engineering and Technology, in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
  • Comcast Entertainment Television, a Denver, Colorado station
  • Common Entrance Test, for prospective students seeking entry into institutes of higher education in India
  • Common External Tariff
  • Community Educational Television, a station ownership arm of the Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Coventry Evening Telegraph, a newspaper in Coventry, England
  • FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor
  • WCET-TV, a PBS station serving Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Colchester Town railway station (National Rail code) in Colchester, England
  • Critical exposure temperature, a factor in determining the minimum design metal temperature

Cet may mean:

  • Cetus, standard astronomical abbreviation
  • Cet, Albania

Usage examples of "cet".

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Les procedes de cet homme m'outragent et me deseparent, je dois penser a me debarrasser.

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