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Answer for the clue "Clinton's denom. ", 3 letters:

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ Bumper bap Serves 1 Make two horizontal slips in a large bap without cutting right through. ▪ Chopped, cooked chicken, sliced mushrooms and mayonnaise in a soft bap . ▪ Place a lettuce leaf in each bap topped with the sliced ...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a small loaf or roll of soft bread

Usage examples of bap.

Anoshi and Bap were still checking the C-Deck equipment, so Tad went on alone to D Deck.

In less than fifty-six feet of that hundred and ten, he, Anoshi and Bap would spend most of their next three years living and working.

Buoyant, Tad turned and made his way back up the access tube to A Deck where Bap and Anoshi were already waiting for him.

Tad and Bap helped him into it, and fastened to his belt the tools he would need and the film packs for the cameras he would be activating.

For Bap, Bern and Dirk, this difference did not seem to matter greatly.

Anoshi was climbing in, followed by Bap, who turned to reseal the pod entrance behind him.

C Deck to see Bap there, in full spacesuit, working at the taskboard in Mode C of the experiment dealing with daily physical exercise by each of them.

Though hopefully not absolutely necessary, thought Tad grimly as he watched Bap, remembering his plans if Fedya should decide to cooperate.

Tad and Bap left the majority of the subjects still in the formerly sealed lab.

The blurred shadow he saw coming and going beyond that wall as he worked would be Bap, at work there, Tad thought.

He had only allowed himself a two-hour nap while Anoshi and Bap dropped safely off to sleep.

Anoshi and Bap had also descended down this road to exhaustion on which he himself was now far advanced.

He saw Bap and Anoshi manhandling thick metal-sandwich panels into position around the control consoles.

Anoshi and Bap were dressed in the undersuiting that went with their spacesuits, including even biomedical sensors and the semi-bulky EMU urine collection systems about their crotches and waists.

Or have you been like this these last couple of weeks and been too tired to realize how you were acting with Bap and Anoshi?