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Word definitions for deem in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English deman "to judge, condemn, think, compute," from root of dom (see doom (n.)). Originally "to pronounce judgment" as well as "to form an opinion." The two judges of the Isle of Man were called deemsters in 17c., a title formerly common throughout ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Deem \Deem\ (d[=e]m), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Deemed (d[=e]md); p. pr. & vb. n. Deeming .] [OE. demen to judge, condemn, AS. d[=e]man, fr. d[=o]m doom; akin to OFries. d[=e]ma, OS. ad[=o]mian, D. doemen, OHG. tuommen, Icel. d[ae]ma, Sw. d["o]mma, Dan. d["o]mme, ...

Usage examples of deem.

I deem thou hast not come hither to abide her without some token or warrant of her.

Why, Abigail could best nearly any boy in the county at what were deemed masculine pursuits: hunting, riding and climbing trees.

Quite the contrary, proper discipline had to be maintained, and in wartime, with pressed men aboard ship, a firm hand was something he deemed a necessity.

Howbeit he had looked on the King closely and wisely, and deemed that he was both cruel and guileful, so that he rejoiced that he had spoken naught of Ursula, and he was minded to keep her within gates all the while they abode at Cheaping-Knowe.

The latter privilege was deemed to have been abridged by city officials who acted in pursuance of a void ordinance which authorized a director of safety to refuse permits for parades or assemblies on streets or parks whenever he believed riots could thereby be avoided and who forcibly evicted from their city union organizers who sought to use the streets and parks for the aforementioned purposes.

If, after other strategies have failed, acquiescence is deemed to be the optimum response to protect life and reduce physical injury in a given situation, it is important that the victim be comfortable with such a choice and be aware that postassault guilt feelings will probably arise.

If the founder of the Christian religion had deemed belief in the Gospel and a life in accordance with it to be compatible with membership of the Synagogue and observance of the Jewish law, there could at least be no impossibility of adhering to the Gospel within the Catholic Church.

In many such cases those people are deemed by the law to be suffering from a mental disease and are often adjudged insane.

Avall or Eddyn had been deemed worthy not only of adulthood, but of a subcraft-chieftainship, which prompted blank stares from both, then quick denial.

Waned the day and I hied me afield, and thereafter I sat with the mighty when daylight was done, But with great men beside me, midst high-hearted laughter, I deemed me of all men the gainfullest one.

Deeming Harry to be the sort of partner he needed, Alker was giving him inside facts on the Mask situation.

Janos Slynt and Allar Deem, while his sister continued on her savage course.

Chataya has no cause to love the queen, though, and she knows that she has you to thank for ridding her of Allar Deem.

Dempsey, conceded a similar allegation to be correct but did not deem it sufficient to render the trial a nullity.

For similar reasons, the requirements, without excluding other evidence, of a chemical analysis as a condition precedent to a suit to recover damages resulting to crops from allegedly deficient fertilizers is not deemed to be arbitrary or unreasonable.