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Answer for the clue "California wine, familiarly", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word zin

Shade of gray

Claret alternative, briefly

Cab alternative

Chard or cab alternative

Wine shop offering, informally

Fruity red wine, familiarly

California wine, for short

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alt. (context informal English) zinfandel wine n. (context informal English) zinfandel wine

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Zin may refer to: Zin, Afghanistan , a town in Afghanistan Zin Desert , in the Negev Zinfandel , a variety of red grape commonly used to make wine Zin Hizaki , a character from Sky Girls ZIN may refer to: Interlaken Airport , Switzerland (by IATA code)...

Usage examples of zin.

Carter, hitherto wholly passive, now gave that man a terrific push with all the wild strength of fear, so that the victim toppled at once into that gaping well which rumour holds to reach down to the hellish Vaults of Zin where Gugs hunt ghasts in the dark.