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Answer for the clue "River in northern France", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word selle

D'Artagnan's saddle

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n. (obsolete spelling of sell English)

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The Selle (also spelt Celle in the Oise ) is a river of Picardy , France . Rising at Catheux, just north of Crèvecœur-le-Grand , Oise , it flows past Conty , Saleux , Salouël and Pont-de-Metz before joining the Somme River at Amiens . In many places along...

Usage examples of selle.

As that was going on, Chief Davenport and Lieutenant Selle were seen laughing as they stood over the body of the attacker .

Avant de monter en selle, Novelli demanda au tavernier le plus court chemin pour atteindre Naurouze.

Sono state inserite nei tappeti, incise nelle selle, dipinte nelle decorazioni murali, scolpite nelle testiere dei letti, tessute negli indumenti.