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For the dairy company see Zott (dairy company)

Zott (singular Zottī) is the Arabic term for gypsies. The Zott were musicians who migrated in great numbers from Pakistan and India to Middle East about 1000 years ago. Their name was later applied to any itinerant entertainer of Indian origin, and came to be the common name of the Dom people in the Middle East, as English gypsy or tinker with contemptuous connotations. The Al-Qamus Al-Muhit glosses the term as equivalent to Nawar (singular Nawarī).

Zott (dairy company)

Zott is a European dairy company founded in Mertingen, Germany in 1926. Zott produces dairy products including milk and cheese products, desserts, cream, and yogurts. The company's main plant is in Mertingen ( Bavaria). Other production plants are in Günzburg, Germany Poland: Opole, Głogowo near Toruń and Racibórz. A production site in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Gradačac) was established in 2013.

With an estimated consolidated sales of EUR 894 million, a milk manufacturing of 951 million kg and 2,120 employees in 2013, Zott is one of the larger dairies in Europe and is one of the leading dairy players in Poland.