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Zom is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a gigantic semi-humanoid demon who has clashed with Doctor Strange.

Usage examples of "zom".

The zom woman serving food merely stood there, her face blank, as though she were deaf as well as dead.

The sound of the mines echoed through the valley, and I looked up to see a zom staggering forward on his knees, his left foot and most of his calf blown to shreds.

I attache der graatest imbortance, because I vish Matame de Nucingen should receif, as she say, zom lessons from Matame Pirodot.

I watched the zoms shambling quietly through the pampas grass and thorn bushes towards the village.

But no one had ever told me that most of the zoms we recruit were women, and seeing them stumbling into that village like that made me sick to my stomach.

I know all those Pyramids were built, anyway, whether it was by zoms or slaves.

I watched in horror as steel balls shattered the legs of many of the zoms still walking, and the heads of those trying to emerge from the pits.

I watched the zoms carefully as one of the colonels made a speech, and then marched forward to receive my medal.

The zoms stepped aside at the last moment, and I saw the General for the first time in years.

There was no point in his doing so, except that I was easier to kill than the zoms, and it may have been a stray shot.

He watched, amazed, a few moments later, when the proces sion of the Do'Urden army, patron and son, soldiers and clerics, and the slow-moving line of two dozen drow zom bies, made its way back home.

Less than one month later, Conrad Zom, prominent intragalactic traveler and industrialist, was found murdered after accusing the League of secretly expanding its Deep Space Fleet By midyear, Triannic repudiated the League's reparations debt and reintroduced compulsory military service for all League citizens.