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Zimba (mountain)

The Zimba, elevation , is the most familiar mountain in the Austrian mountain range called Rätikon. Located in the hinterland of Bludenz, this horn is the landmark of Montafon valley and especially of the main village of Schruns. Three ridges and three walls emphasize the shapeliness of the form. The eastern ridge is one of the most familiar climbing routes of the whole Rätikon range, but the normal way leads along the western ridge. Despite the altitude of just 2,645 m, the Zimba is a great viewpoint for the entire region.


Zimba may refer to:

  • Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba (born 1952), Bhutanese politician
  • Zimba (mountain), Austrian mountain
  • Zimba, Zambia, African town
  • Zimba people or the Zimba language of DC Congo
  • Zimba/Dhimba people or the Dhimba language of Angola
  • Zimba, Ethnic Tamang Race in Nepal.