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alt. A male given name, diminutive of Zachariah and Zachary. n. A male given name, diminutive of Zachariah and Zachary.

Zach (crater)

Zach is a lunar impact crater located in the heavily cratered southern sector of the Moon. To the north is the crater Lilius, while to the southeast is Pentland and to the south the larger Curtius. Due to foreshortening, the crater has an oblong appearance when viewed from Earth. The crater is 71 kilometers in diameter and 3.7 kilometers deep. It is from the Nectarian period, 3.92 to 3.85 billion years ago.

The inner walls of the crater are prominently terraced, while parts of the outer wall are indented by lesser craters. There are adjacent craters attached to the northeast, southwest, and southern parts of the rim. There is also a pair of overlapping craters on the northwest rim. The bottom is relatively flat with a few craterlets and a double central peak offset to the north.

The crater is named for Franz Xaver, Baron Von Zach, a 19th-century Hungarian astronomer.

Zach (surname)

Zach is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Anton von Zach (1747-1826), Austrian general
  • Erwin von Zach (1872-1942), Austrian diplomat and sinologist
  • Franz Xaver von Zach (1754-1832), Austrian astronomer
  • Alexander Zach (born 1976), Austrian politician
  • František Zach (1807-1892), Czech-born soldier, military theorist and freedom fighter
  • Hilde Zach (1942–2011), first woman mayor of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Jan Zach (1699-1773), Czech composer, violinist and organist
  • Michal Zach (born 1969), Czech football manager
  • Nathan Zach (born 1930), Israeli poet

Usage examples of "zach".

Anna could remember a time, the years after Zach died, when it was a tremendous burden.

More than once she wished Zach had had the good taste to die rescuing a child from a burning building, or skiing in avalanche country.

Anna found herself wanting to defend Zach for dying broke and unprepared.

At the end of the evening a few of us, including Zach, cut away to a bar in the Village.

She sounded somewhat wistful, as if trying to forget the times when Zach was not trying so hard to be sweet.

I spotted the smiling face of Zach Petrovitch in another one of the photos: a big melee of guests at some kind of function where everyone was wearing tuxedos, fixed smiles, and tiaras.

John Junior has no passport, and Zach as guardian would have to submit the application.

If I ran away, Zach would apply to the court for custody on the grounds of my being VIOLENT WARD 209 nuts, or an unsuitable person to be a guardian, or some other legal trick that would give him the boy.

And what was all that stuff about hearing clicks when Zach picked up the extension to hear what she was saying on the phone?

The antagonist, Zach Provo, whom Burgade put behind prison bars, is clearly a psychopath set upon obtaining revenge.

By the end of the novel, we have begun to sympathize somewhat with Zach Prove, because we learn that Sam Burgade accidentally shot and killed the antagonist's wife the first time he arrested him.

The bewhiskered freighter said he didn't mind if Zach rode along with them, but he didn't invite any idle conversation.

Although Emily was sure Zach would not voluntarily give away the fact he'd taken her to Bisbee and left her there, Jake had the animal cunning to figure out answers from a few small clues.

A friend of a friend who was deep in hock on his American Express card had taken Zach to the bar there recently, and charged Zach's four extra-spicy Bloody Marys to his Visa.

Probably a fourth of Santa Anna's men died or deserted before we got to where Zach Taylor was waiting, outside of Saltillo in a gulch called Buena Vista.