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n. a form of Japanese verse in which short poems are connected together. Encompasses haikai, the origination point for haiku.


is a genre of Japanese collaborative poetry. A renga consists of at least two or stanzas. The opening stanza of the renga, called the , became the basis for the modern haiku form of poetry.

Two of the most famous masters of renga were the Buddhist priest Sōgi (1421–1502) and Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694).

Usage examples of "renga".

Add to that the Main Group, and you're looking at a real threat: twenty-nine destroyers, ten light cruisers, and twenty-seven battleships-including the three big ones they just launched: Rengas, Parnas, and Nazir.

Kabul Anak found himself temporarily out of the battle when his great Rengas was crippled by three direct torpedo strikes in her steering units.

It was said that nearly two-thirds of the man's body had been replaced in a healing machine after his super battleship Rengas had been reduced to tangled wreckage in a ship-to-ship contest with Erat Plutron's dauntless old Queen Elidian.

Even the KA'PPA tower was reduced in height and repositioned aft, yet there was no mistaking the huge, superfiring casemates with their monstrous disrupters that had blasted Kabul Anak's super-battleship Rengas to tangled wreckage in the great battle for Atalanta.