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Yuyu, Yu Yu, or variant may refer to:

  • Yuyu language, extinct Australian Aboriginal language
  • Yuya or Yuyu , Egyptian New Kingdom courtier
  • Yuyu, Egyptian New Kingdom priest
  • Yû Yû, Japanese animanga
  • Ran Yu-Yu , Japanese pro wrestler
  • Xia Gui (1195-1224), also known as "Yüyü", Chinese landscape painter
  • Ma Yu-yu , ethnic Chinese cellist
Yuyu (High Priest of Osiris)

Yuyu was an ancient Egyptian High Priest of Osiris at Abydos, during the reign of pharaohs Ramesses II and possibly Merenptah of the 19th Dynasty.

He was the son of the High Priest of Osiris Hori, himself son of the High Priest of Osiris Wenennefer. His son and successor was Siese. Among Yuyu's monuments, there is a granite statue depicting him while holding a naos with the god Osiris, now exhibited in The Louvre (A 69).