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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1906, variant of yes.


n. (context informal English) A yes; an affirmative answer. part. (context informal English) yes.


Yup can be:

  • Slang for yes
  • An abbreviation for Yellowdog Updater
  • YUP (band), a Finnish rock band.
  • "Yup" (song), a song by Easton Corbin

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YUP (band)

YUP (Yhdistyneet Urbaanit Puoskarit, originally Y.U.P. Young Urban Perverts) is a Finnish rock-music group. The band arose amongst three students of the Savonlinna senior high of arts in 1987 and played some rather primitive, progressive hard-core punk with English lyrics. Originally the group consisted of Jarkko Martikainen (guitar), Valtteri Tynkkynen (bass guitar) and Jussi Hyyrynen (drums).

With the EP Turpasauna in 1990 the language changed into Finnish and the music became more complicated. Soon a fourth member joined the band, keyboardist Tommi Kärkkäinen, since more musicians were needed to carry out the varied ideas of the artists. In 1992 on the single Daavidin fuzz / Paratiisin sahakielet the crew had changed again: Jussi Hyyrynen had switched to the guitar and Janne Mannonen had been hired to be the new drummer. The current form of YUP dates back to 1994 when the keyboardist was changed to Petri Tiainen after the album Toppatakkeja ja Toledon terästä. Tommi Kärkkäinen begun to compose classical music.

The album Outo elämä from 1998 is widely considered the breakthrough of YUP. After that the music has become somewhat lighter and easier to approach, which has upset some hard-core fans. Their compilation album ironically reflects this trend, the album being called Helppoa kuunneltavaa 2004 ("Easy Listening"), accompanied by the DVD Helppoa katseltavaa ("Easy Watching") and the songbooks Helppoa soiteltavaa ("Easy Playing") and Helppoa soiteltavaa II ("Easy Playing II").

The band's eleventh studio album, Vapauden kaupungit, was released June 21, 2008. In 2009, the band announced that it would go on an indefinite hiatus.

Yup (song)

"Yup" is a song recorded by American country music artist Easton Corbin. It was released in July 2015 as the third single from Corbin's third studio album About to Get Real. The song was written by Shane Minor, Wade Kirby and Phil O'Donnell.

Usage examples of "yup".

From my point of view, this spate of alarmism and yup pie penance rang false.

And if there were three synonyms to specify each amino acid, one might look at the code and say, yup, someone had carefully thought this out.