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n. (context Australia cryptozoology English) An unidentified yeti-like animal said to exist in parts of Australia.

Yowie (disambiguation)

The Yowie is a creature from Australian folklore.

Yowie may also refer to:

  • Yowie (band), experimental math rock trio from St. Louis, Missouri
  • Yowie (chocolate), confectionery from the Cadbury-Schweppes company

Yowie is one of several names given to a hominid reputed to live in the Australian wilderness. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal oral history. In parts of Queensland, they are known as quinkin (or as a type of quinkin), and as joogabinna, in parts of New South Wales they are called jurrawarra, myngawin, puttikan, gubba, doolaga, gulaga and thoolagal. Other names include yahoo, yaroma, noocoonah, wawee, pangkarlangu, jimbra and tjangara.

As is the case with the North American Sasquatch, many people discount the existence of the yowie considering it more likely to be a combination of misidentification, folklore and hoax. Yowie-type creatures are common in Aboriginal Australian legends, particularly in the eastern Australian states.

Yowie (chocolate)

Yowie is a confectionery and publishing brand originating in Australia. It was one of the top selling chocolates in Australia in the late 1990s and early 2000s, selling over a million units a week. After a break of nearly a decade, Yowie relaunched in 2014 for US markets.

Yowie (band)

Yowie is a band from St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2001. The band was formerly made up of Jeremiah Wonsewitz on electric guitar, Jimbo "Moppy" on electric guitar and Shawn O'Connor "The Defenestrator" on drums.

Yowie plays a complex style of unprocessed instrumental math rock, composed of meticulously arranged pieces that are often misinterpreted as being free improvisation. It is high-velocity music of intense discipline, rigid structure and focused force. The music has been compared to other math rock bands such as Hella, Tera Melos, Arab on Radar, Ahleuchatistas, Don Caballero and even the Japanese Zeuhl enroached Koenji Hyakkei. There have been many attempts at describing Yowie's unique sound, such as by Diana Benanti of the Riverfront Times, saying that "Music like this can't be made by mere people and yet, you couldn't write a computer program capable of producing this kind of brain damage. It's so grand in composition but honed and microperfected until words like ' tempo,' ' rhythm' and ' melody' become meaningless abstractions."

Yowie have been signed to Skin Graft Records since 2001, and spent three years writing and recording their debut album Cryptooology, released in 2004.

After a few failed attempts at replacing guitarist Jeremiah, he rejoined the band, and since then, they recorded a second album at Key Club studios in Michigan in July 2011. Since the recording, Jimbo left the band and has been replaced by Christopher Trull (formerly of Grand Ulena).