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n. (plural of drum English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: drum)

Drums (comics)

Drums is a 2011 supernatural comic book limited series created by writer El Torres and artists Abe Hernando and Kwaichang Kraneo. The series was published by Image Comics between May 2011 to September 2011 and consisted of four issues. Drums follows FBI special agent Martin Irons as sinister forces work against him while he investigates the mass homicide of practitioners at a Voodoo ceremony in Florida.

Usage examples of "drums".

Conjuring up Vienna and the Danube, I beat more and more loudly until the first and second bass drums of the troopers were drawn to my waltz and the kettledrums of the older boys took up my prelude with varying skill.

Behind the tennis courts my boys from the rostrum were hopping about with their bass drums and kettledrums, their fifes and trumpets.

Not to mention the drums he passed over the counter every two weeks, also at bargain prices.

I was allowed to look through his assortment of drums, and even to use them -- where else could Oskar have played several drums at once?

I took him by his hand, it was clammy with sweat, and led him through the open wrought-iron gate, and there in the gateway the two of us, the keeper of my drums and I, the drummer, possibly his drummer, ran into Leo Schugger, who like us believed in paradise.

But his son Oskar, seeing his father so occupied and inflamed, slipped away unobserved and hurried off in the direction of Arsenal Passage, because he was worried about his tin drums with their red and white lacquer.

Sigismund Markus and among other things he sold tin drums lacquered red and white.

Oskar, above-mentioned, was the principal taker of these drums, because he was a drummer by profession and was neither able nor willing to live without a drum.

There was once a toy merchant, his name was Markus and he sold tin drums, lacquered red and white.

Kurt will look with indifference at best on all those pitiful drums he will one day inherit.

The more I think of it, the more I veer toward a very simple motive: fear, fear of a shortage, fear that tin drums might be prohibited, that existing stocks might be destroyed.

Europe and through the air as well, conquering everything in its path, my own affairs, which were restricted to the belaboring of lacquered toy drums, were in a bad way.

And during the last years of the war, when even toy drums had grown rare and come to be rationed, she resorted to barter, offering the storekeepers sugar or a sixteenth of a pound of real coffee and receiving my drum under the counter in return.

They took my drum out of the taxi and tried to lure me with it, assuring me not once but several times that drums were allowed in Protestant churches.

Church of Elish as a major player among the religions of the world, the bringer of an old truth made new, but Kelsey knew from the pounding of the drums, the clanging of the cymbals, the tootling of the flutes, that what he had dreaded was about to happen.