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Yossi is a Hebrew given name, usually a short and nickname for Yosef (biblical Joseph). It is a very popular first name in Israel. It may refer to:

Yossi (film)

' Yossi ' (original Hebrew title: הסיפור של יוסי; English transliteration: Ha-Sippur Shel Yossi) is a 2012 drama Israeli film directed by Eytan Fox. It stars Ohad Knoller, Oz Zehavi and Lior Ashkenazi.

Yossi, Fox's fifth feature film, is a sequel to the director's breakthrough work Yossi & Jagger (2002). The plot takes place a decade after the events in that previous film. It follows the title character, a closeted gay cardiologist who struggles to find meaning in his life while overcoming the loss of his lover and reconciling his past with his future. Eytan Fox had previously directed Knoller in The Bubble; Ashkenazi in Walk on Water and Orly Silbersatz in Shirat Ha'Sirena.