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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Yond \Yond\, a. [Cf. AS. anda, onda, anger, andian to be angry.] Furious; mad; angry; fierce. [Obs.] ``Then wexeth wood and yond.''


Yond \Yond\, adv. & a. [OE. yond, [yogh]ond, [yogh]eond, through, beyond, over, AS. geond, adv. & prep.; cf. Goth. jaind thither. [root]188. See Yon, a.] Yonder. [Obs.] ``Yond in the garden.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English geond "beyond, yonder," related to geon (see yon).


Etymology 1 a. 1 further; more distant 2 yonder adv. yonder Etymology 2

a. (context obsolete English) Furious; mad; angry; fierce.


Usage examples of "yond".

Either come down to us into the meadow yonder, that we may slay you with less labour, or else, which will be the better for you, give up to us the Upmeads thralls who be with you, and then turn your faces and go back to your houses, and abide there till we come and pull you out of them, which may be some while yet.

I have heard tell of thee: thou art abiding the turn of the days up at the castle yonder, as others have done before thee.

For I spake with thee, it is nigh two years agone, when thou wert abiding the coming of our Lady in the castle yonder But now I see of thee that thou art brighter-faced, and mightier of aspect than aforetime, and it is in my mind that the Lady of Abundance must have loved thee and holpen thee, and blessed thee with some great blessing.

DEAR SON,--I wrote you at length and sent it by Don Ferdinand, who left to go yonder twenty-three days ago to-day, with the Lord Adelantado and Carbajal, from whom I have since heard nothing.

Your buddy yonder might be willin to haul your ass all over Mexico but I damn sure aint.

But voila, mon petit, here comes Chandos and his company, and there is many a pensil and banderole among yonder squadrons which show that the best blood of England is riding under his banners.

As I write these words, in the very moment, I feel that the whole air, the sunshine out yonder lighting up the ploughed earth, the distant sky, the circumambient ether, and that far space, is full of soul-secrets, soul-life, things outside the experience of all the ages.

I believe that bird yonder is a hybrid of canary and siskin, that one there a citril hybrid.

You may see two or three fluttering around to-night, if you care to look on, but I wish no friend of mine to make sport, at serious cost to himself, for yonder incorrigible coquette, if she is my cousin.

Finally, the wife, stung by words whose bitterness was embittered by their truth, cried aloud, taking the bystanders to witness, that the husband for whose sake, she said, she had endured patiently the falsehoods and accusations of yonder hussy, was nothing better than a beater, a striker, a kicker, a trampler, and a cuffer of his wife.

I have been down yonder, and have found a bright woodland pool, to wash the night off me, and if thou wilt do in likewise and come back to me, I will dight our breakfast meantime, and will we speedily to the road.

De gentleman what done dis was dat man Adam, back yonder in de garden.

All through the fiery time we had just had the chance of escaping with the fair booty yonder had been present.

Ylesuin, a moment of panic fear, a realization that all the impersonal lines on maps and charts were places, and the people in them were engaged in murdering one another at this very moment in a mad, guideless slide toward events he did not wholly govern and which those maps on his desk yonder no longer adequately predicted.

He began to turn away, for yonder, apart from commodore, judge, and bishop, but with Madame Hayle at his side, stood the captain, giving him a sign which he promptly passed on up to the pilot.