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wild blue yonder

n. the sky as viewed during daylight; "he shot an arrow into the blue" [syn: blue sky, blue, blue air]

Wild blue yonder

Wild blue yonder may refer to:

  • The U.S. Air Force, the official song of the United States Air Force, often referred to as "Wild Blue Yonder"
  • Wild Blue Yonder, a 1951 film
  • The Wild Blue Yonder, a 2005 film by Werner Herzog
  • A Crayola color (see List of Crayola crayon colors).
  • A 1998 album by Flat Duo Jets
  • A 1984 single by Screaming Blue Messiahs, from their Gun Shy LP.
  • A 2006 single by Paul Weller
Wild Blue Yonder (album)

Wild Blue Yonder is the first and only album by Contemporary Christian band Wild Blue Yonder. It is the first official album of Contemporary Christian singer Crystal Lewis who was fifteen at the time of the album's release. She left the band after two years to pursue a solo career. Chris Brigandi of the previously released two rockabilly-themed band, The Lifters, was on guitar. Paul Martin played bass, and Joey Mitchel played drums.

CCM magazine described the style as "a rockabilly, cow-punk band" and saw influences of both Stray Cats and Lone Justice. The album was remixed and re-issued in 1995 on Lewis' Metro 1 label.

Usage examples of "wild blue yonder".

And when I was really young he'd have some of his military buddies over and they'd get drunk and loud and a couple of times they'd sing the air force song, 'The Wild Blue Yonder.

We waked Norton and tied a string to his collar, put him in the place from which the beer-bottle had gone into the wild blue yonder, and threw on the time-transporter switch.

When they pick what's left of you from the pavement there they'll think you're just another cannabis smoker who got too high and took a trip into the wild blue yonder.

Crowe was entirely too old to go roaring off into the wild blue yonder like a young buck, cutting didos in the sky.

And then we' re off, heigh ho for the wild blue yonder, the misty sea of the north pole, where no Santa Claus, but somebody who's given us gifts that make Saint Nick look like the world's worst tightwad, lives!

I'm probably off in the wild blue yonder, but I wanted you guys to know.

Out in the wild blue yonder Uncle Arthur could do with every beacon of hope he could find.