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as a greeting, 1859, but the word is attested as a sailor's or huntsman's utterance since early 15c. Modern popularity dates from World War II (when, it is said, it was a common response at roll calls) and seems to have been most intense in Philadelphia.


Etymology 1 interj. 1 (context slang English) (non-gloss definition: A greeting similar to hi.) 2 (context slang English) (non-gloss definition: An interjection similar to hey.) 3 (context military slang English) present! here! Etymology 2

contraction (context African American Vernacular English English) contraction of you and are pron. 1 (context colloquial English) (form of shortened form your English) 2 (context Baltimore English) (non-gloss definition: third-person singular, familiar) Etymology 3

n. {{non-gloss definition|abbreviation of (term year/years old)}}


, Yo, You or Yoh (written: 洋, 瑤, 窈 or よう in hiragana) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • , Japanese singer

  • , Japanese voice actress

  • , Japanese actor and voice actor

  • , Japanese actor

  • , Japanese screenwriter

  • , Japanese voice actor

Fictional characters:

  • , a character in the manga series Shaman King

  • , a character in the manga series Deadman Wonderland

Yo (disambiguation)

Yo is an interjection meaning "hello" or "hey".

Yo may also refer to:

Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

"Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" is the second single from Chris Brown's debut album Chris Brown, released in November 2005 in the U.S. and February 2006 worldwide. "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)", produced by Dre & Vidal, became Brown's second top ten hit in the U.S., peaking at No. 7 on February 18, 2006. It has been certified platinum by the RIAA. In other countries, the song reached number thirteen in the United Kingdom and number ten in Australia.

It features Dre (André Merit) who sings the chorus' background vocals.

This song has appeared on the videogame Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party.

Yo (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. The hiragana is made in two strokes, while the katakana in three. Both represent .

When small and preceded by an -i kana, this kana represents not a separate sound but a modification of that of another (see yōon)





Normal y-
(や行 ya-gyō)


, yoh

よう, よぅ
よお, よぉ

ヨウ, ヨゥ
ヨオ, ヨォ

is a Finnish rock band, formed in 1981 at Pori, Finland.

The band has had many line-up changes during their history, and almost 20 different musicians play or have played with the band. Yö's first line-up included singer Olli Lindholm and composer, singer and keyboardist Jussi Hakulinen, guitarist Jani Viitanen, bassist Juha Rauäng and drummer Harri Varhala. Olli Lindholm is the only remaining original member of the band. Since the late 1980s band has been more or less based in Tampere.

Yö's biggest hits include songs like Joutsenlaulu (Swansong), Likaiset legendat (Dirty Legends), Ihmisen poika (Son of a Human), Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen (Love is Snow-White), Särkynyt enkeli (Broken Angel), and Tia-Maria (a Finnish woman's name). The group started with punk rock influenced music but has later moved towards mainstream rock. Yö is the Finland's 10th best-selling music artist of all time with two multi-platinum, two double-platinum, six platinum and five gold records.

Yo (Cyrillic)

Yo (Ё ё; italics: Ё ё; ) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. In Unicode, the letter is named CYRILLIC CAPITAL/SMALL LETTER IO.

In English, the letter Yo is romanized using the Latin ë (according to the ALA–LC and British Standards), ë ( word-initially) ( BGN/PCGN) or yo ( orthographic transcription) for Russian, and as i͡o (ALA–LC), yo (BGN/PCGN), or ë (BSI) for Belarusian. In international systems, Yo is romanized as ë ( ISO 9).

It was derived from the Greek letter Epsilon .

Yo (album)

Yo is the debut solo studio album by Alex Greenwald. It was released on May 5, 2014.

Yo (app)

Yo is a social application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Initially, the application's only function was to send the user's friends the word " yo" as a text and audio notification, but it has since been updated to enable users to attach links and location to their Yo's.

Yo (hangul)

is one of the Korean hangul. The Unicode for ㅛ is U+315B.

Yo (film)

Yo ("Me") is a 2015 Mexican drama film, directed and written by Matías Meyer. The film stars Raúl Silva, as a young man, with limited mental skills. He says he is fifteen years old, although he seems to be older. He lives and works in his mother's restaurant by a busy freeway. One day he meets Elena, an eleven-year-old girl, who will change his life forever. Yo is adapted by Meyer and Alexandre Auger from Histoire du pied et autres fantaisies by French author J.M.G. Le Clézio.

Yo premiered at the 13th Morelia International Film Festival and was awarded for Best Mexican Feature Film and Best Actor for Raúl Silva. The film also received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Ariel Awards of 2016.

Usage examples of "yo".

Each syndicate also shares a safety Bergen, weighing some 50 lbs, which contains a 24-hour ration pack, a radio, one change of clothes and a bivvy bag, enough for the YOs to survive if Dartmoor turns the climate on its head.

Squat, kettle-bellied Woth had pulled an oar on a galley once, which made him the next best thing they had to a sailor, so Yoren told him to take them down to the lakefront and see if they could find a boat.

Yoren must have been the target, but it was Woth beside him who was hit.

The cycle is mostpronounced in the higher level channels such as Yone Farris.

Livya Jeter dragged herself away from the limb overwhich Yone had half-fallen, and white with shock, she managedto struggle to her feet.

Livya wondered if Yone would be able to recharge the selynbatteries for them.

Twice, Yone had saved them fromlosses, once wrestling a toddler from the very jaws of a cat-likehunter.

Gen left the tent, Yone wilted back onto his blankets andlay gasping, wracked with spasms that brought tears to his eyes.

Between compresses, she mixed a broth of powders andcrushed tablets and made Yone drink it between seizures.

Justwhen Livya was about to turn away, embarrassed, Yone shudderedand rolled free.

Livya, recalling her resolveto slip away unnoticed, scurried around behind the boulder wherethe mass of rock would insulate Yone from her, As she moved, sheheard muttered goodnights from the tent, and then footsteps, afew words with a perimeter guard, and silence.

Her right foot comes down, touches briefly, adds momentum to the spin and she moves back toward him, with a series of kicks and punches that no human of her time, not Yo, not the Dancer Sedon, no one, could have matched for grace, for speed, for accuracy.

Irala, que era tan pobre como yo, renunciara a la suya y lo mismo hicimos los otros.

De espaldas en la angosta cama de fierro, más viejo, enflaquecido y muy pálido, estaba yo, los ojos perdidos en las altas molduras de yeso.

Yo, que no he sido padre, sentí por ese pobre muchacho, más íntimo que un hijo de mi carne, una oleada de amor.