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YGA can refer to:

  • YGA Magazine, a magazine for LGBT youth.
  • Young Guru Academy, non-profit in Turkey
  • Lac Gagnon Water Aerodrome, an airport in Canada.
YGA (magazine)

YGA was a bimonthly magazine for LGBT youth launched in December 2004. It was established by Benjie Nycum and Michael Glatze and published in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada as Benjie Nycum, YGA's co-founder actually grew up there although he was an American. Benjie and Michael had met while both were working for XY Magazine in San Francisco. The two would end up being boyfriends for 10 years.

The magazine had the distinction of being the only English language publication catering for all queer and questioning youth, as opposed to the male-only youth-oriented magazine XY.

The magazine was an offshoot of Young Gay America, a non-profit organization founded by Benjie Nycum and Michael Glatze in 2001.

The magazine became respected as a resource by high school and public libraries, youth groups, counsellors and parents. Many looked at the launch of YGA as a sign that the queer youth movement was beginning to take shape. The magazine attracted notability and received awards, including the National Role Model Award from Equality Forum, a major gay organization.

One of the two founders, Michael Glatze, left YGA in 2007, after declaring he was no longer gay and as a conservative Christian he now believes that homosexuality is a sickness and opposes LGBT rights. The magazine stopped publication soon after.