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n. (plural of boyfriend English)

Boyfriends (film)

Boyfriends is a 1996 British independent film. Three gay couples, all of whom are suffering relationship problems, spend a weekend at the seaside and learn how to deal with their issues from each other. The film was written and directed by Tom Hunsinger and Neil Hunter. The film was James Dreyfus' last role as an unknown before taking the part of Constable Goody in The Thin Blue Line. The film also starred Mark Sands, Michael Urwin, Andrew Ableson, David Coffey, Darren Petrucci and Michael McGrath.

Boyfriends (Filipino band)

Boyfriends is a musical group from the Philippines. Their heyday was in the 1970s as a leading exponent of the Manila Sound, with pop and disco harmonies reminiscent of the Bee Gees. Several of their songs have entered the canon of the Filipino popular song, covered by current stars and amateurs alike.

Usage examples of "boyfriends".

Ruth had made this same dinner for Hannah, and for various boyfriends, many times.

Kinta, and then all four of us can live together, and you can have two boyfriends and one girlfriend?

The subject has had no serious boyfriends, but this may be due to her attending an all-girls school or from a feeling of shame about her body.