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Yetisports (also known as Pingu Throw) is a web-based Flash game that originally appeared on the Internet in January 2004. The goal of the original game is to have a yeti smack a penguin with a club and try to get it to fly as far as possible. The original Yetisports game features no name other than the words "1978 Reinhold + Yeti", a reference to Reinhold Messner's claim to have found Yetis.

The game is very popular and soon after release, there was a quick succession of many variants created by multiple people on the internet. None of these are officially sponsored by Chris Hilgert, even though many copy the original almost exactly save certain small changes. One of the more violent variants was made by someone known as 'Pawel', featuring decapitation, spikes, a big spiky club and mines. Since the original was released at the Yetisports homepage, the website has released nine further adventures of the Yeti as well as a re-release of the original that allows movement of the penguin in flight.