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Crossword clues for yeasts


n. (plural of yeast English)

Usage examples of "yeasts".

He dredged up a few foamy drops from such a vat and looked at them through a microscope and noticed that the tiny globules of the yeasts he found in them sprouted buds from their sides, buds like seeds sprouting.

Simple people saw clear visions of the yeasts that made the wine that was their staff of life and they were troubled at nights by thoughts of hovering invisible putrid microbes in the air.

His further searchings made him see that no brew of hops and barley ever changed into beer without the presence of the yeasts, living growing yeasts.

They are the ferment of the sour-milk-acid, just as the yeasts must be the ferment of the alcohol!

I have to do is to grow yeasts in a soup that has no albumen in it at all.

The yeasts use up the ammonia salt, they will grow without the albumen!

And he watched trickling tears of alcohol run down the neck of the retort He spent the next weeks in doing the experiment over and over, to be sure that the yeasts would keep on living, to be certain that they would keep on making alcohol.

I know that at this time there are never any yeasts to be found on the grapes.