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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also yak, "to talk, to chatter," 1950, slang, probably short for yackety-yacking "talk" (1947), probably echoic (compare Australian slang yacker "talk, conversation," 1882). Related: Yacked; yacking.\n


n. 1 chatter 2 (alternative form of yak English) vb. 1 (context slang English) to vomit, usually because of intoxication 2 (context colloquial English) to talk incessantly

  1. n. noisy talk [syn: yak, yakety-yak, chatter, cackle]

  2. v. talk incessantly and tiresomely [syn: jaw, yack away, rattle on, yap away]

Usage examples of "yack".

I said, then we drove off, everybody yacking and except for mecatching up on life.

I got the proof—I even found out the specific time and place the contact was to be made and what the arrangements were to be—but then I ran afoul of that female with her yacker of Cleveland contests she won three years ago.