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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Xyleborus (beetle)

With over 500 species, Xyleborus is by far the largest ambrosia beetle genus in the tribe Xyleborini.

Xyloborus nowadays includes a number of formerly independent genera. In addition, the genera Coptoborus, Cryptoxyleborus and Euwallacea are often included here, too; this may be correct, as they seem to be closely related. Less often, Ambrosiodmus, Premnobius and Xyleborinus are included in Xyleborus, but they seem to be well distinct; Premnobius might even not belong to the Xyleborini at all.

The different species can be best differentiated by the gallery burrows they build and the tree species they infest. A significant member, X. dispar, causes pear blight.


Xyleborus may refer to:

  • Xyleborus (beetle), a genus of bark beetles
  • Xyleborus (lichen), a genus of lichens