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XS may refer to:

  • Extra Small (XS), a size of clothing as defined in the European clothing-size standard EN 13402
  • XS (comics), a DC Comics superheroine
  • XS Energy Drink, an energy drink
  • Xavier School, a secondary school in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Para-Ski XS, a Canadian powered parachute design
  • Cross section (geometry)
  • Xiaolin Showdown
  • XS, a nightclub at the Encore Las Vegas
  • XS (manhwa), a South Korean comic by
XS (Perl)

XS is an interface through which a program written in the Perl programming language can call a C or C++ language subroutine. The letters stand for eXternal Subroutine, or xsub, where external means external to Perl, i.e. written in some other language.

It may be desirable for a Perl program to invoke a C subroutine in order to handle very CPU or memory intensive tasks, to interface with hardware or low-level system facilities, or to make use of existing C subroutine libraries.

The Perl interpreter is a C program, so in principle there is no obstacle to calling from Perl to C. However, the XS interface is complex, and using it requires some understanding of the interpreter. The earliest reference on the subject was the perlguts POD, the word guts suggesting the highly technical nature of the material.

Subroutine libraries in Perl are called modules, and modules that contain xsubs are called XS modules. Perl provides a framework for developing, packaging, distributing, and installing modules. To create an XS module, h2xs is first used to create an empty module. Next, C subroutines are added, and the calling interfaces to the C subroutines are specified with a specialized glue language (also referred to as XS). Finally, the module is compiled, tested, and installed with make.

Once an XS module is installed, it can be loaded into a Perl program with a use statement, like an ordinary Perl module. Once the module is loaded, the C subroutines can be called from Perl code, as if they were written in Perl.

XS modules are not without drawbacks. They are difficult to write and maintain, and they may only be installed if a C compiler and the header files that the Perl interpreter was compiled against are available. Also, new versions of Perl may break binary compatibility; if this happens, all XS modules must be recompiled.

It is also possible to write XS modules that wrap C++ code. Doing so is mostly a matter of configuring the module build system.

XS (comics)

XS (Jenni Ognats) is a fictional character, a superheroine in the future of the DC Comics universe. A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, she is the granddaughter of Barry Allen (the second Flash), and first cousin of Bart Allen (the second Kid Flash).

XS (video game)

XS (sometimes marketed as XS - Shields up, fight back) is a first-person shooter released by SCi and GT Interactive on December 31, 1996.

XS (radio)

XS was a community radio station serving the Neath Port Talbot county borough. The station was owned and operated by Neath Port Talbot Broadcasting CIC and provided a range of dance and alternative music together with information services, primarily for 11- to 25-year-olds, from studios in the Water Street Business Centre in Port Talbot.


XS is the studio production server of the Belgian company EVS Broadcast Equipment.

It has been inspired from the XT3 server but can be controlled by dedicated controllers from EVS for the studio environment: Xsense, IPDirector, Xscreen, Insio or by non-EVS controllers such as automation systems, linear or hybrid editors, switchers and controllers through API or standard protocols.

Designed to replace VTRs, the server allows incoming feeds to be recorded, quickly enriched by metadata and played out or instantly streamed or transferred to post-production.

The server benefits from loop recording and allows to record, control and play media. It has from 2 to 6 channels SD/HD and 6-channel 3D/ 1080p ( 3G or dual link) and offers the same features in a 3D environment. It supports a several formats and codec, with specific codecs for News environment.

It is widely used in News environments and sometimes in Sports

XS (manhwa)

is a manhwa by that was serialized in Booking by the Haksan Culture Company and licensed by Dark Horse Comics.