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XPT can mean multiple things:

  • New South Wales XPT, passenger train operated by NSW TrainLink in New South Wales, Australia
  • The XPT, a Windows software toolset for programmers.
  • The ISO 4217 code for tracking the value of one troy ounce of platinum.
  • The filename extension .xpt is used for XPConnect typelibraries.
  • The XPT Framework a web development framework PHP based.
  • The XPT Garage door - a garage door brand.
XPT (Extreme Power Tools)

The XPT (Extreme Power Tools) is a commercial Win32 Windows software toolset by Radsoft company, specifically designed for programmers and system administrators. The XPT comprises some 150 applications notable for their "bare metal" design, a "software tools" philosophy, and "not a single bug found" in its over ten years of distribution. The average XPT executable is 7.19 KB, which allows it to be extremely portable software, as it is also "no intrusion" software, meaning it doesn't place files or leave footprints on the host computer.

The name of the software toolset comes from an interview where the authors were asked if the XPT was for "power users only". The answer was "if they're power users they need to be extreme power users".