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WRR (101.1 FM, "Classical 101") is a municipally-owned radio station, owned by the city of Dallas, Texas, that broadcasts a classical music format. The station's studios are located in the Fair Park complex in South Dallas and the transmitter site is in Cedar Hill. WRR is broadcasting with its maximum allowed power of 100,000 watts.

WRR (AM), now known as KTCK), began broadcasting via AM in 1920 and received its license and call letters on March 13, 1922. In 1948, WRR-FM received its first FM license. After WRR 1310 was sold and its callsign changed, WRR-FM changed its call letters to WRR.

Despite its public ownership, WRR is a commercial station and sells advertising. Over the years, private broadcasters in the Dallas-Fort Worth market have made numerous but unsuccessful calls for privatizing the station.

On September 19, some people listen to WRR over-the-air or on the internet to celebrate " International Talk Like a Pirate Day" because the last two letters spoken aloud are "R-R".

KTCK 1310, formerly WRR, is the oldest commercially operated radio station in Texas behind KDKA in Pittsburgh.

WRR broadcasts in the HD (hybrid) format.


WRR may refer to:

  • Water Resources Research, a scientific periodical published by the American Geophysical Union
  • Watford and Rickmansworth Railway
  • The Waynesburg and Washington Railroad
  • Weighted round robin, a scheduling algorithm
  • WRR (FM), a classical radio station in Dallas, Texas
  • DWRR 101.9, a radio station in the Philippines
  • Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid, the Scientific Council for Government Policy, an advisory board to the Dutch government