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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wrey \Wrey\, v. t. See Wray. [Obs.]


WREY (630 kHz, "Radio Rey") is a Spanish-language AM radio station with studios located in the Westside neighborhood in St. Paul. It is licensed to Saint Paul, Minnesota, although it was licensed to Hudson, Wisconsin from 1997 to 2005. The station's signal covers the Minneapolis-St. Paul media market. The transmitter and towers are located in Woodbury, Minnesota along South Washington County Highway 19.

"Rey" is the Spanish word for "king" and the station uses a crown as part of its logo. It broadcasts a Regional Mexican music format, at 1,000 watts by day and 2,500 watts at night.

WREY has been granted an FCC construction permit to move to a different transmitter site, increase day power to 5,000 watts and decrease night power to 1,600 watts.

Usage examples of "wrey".

It added one more shade of pain to the already Pyrrhic victory, especially as he had no intention of letting Wrey know how he felt.

Here, even with the fourteen business passengers Wrey was bringing home, the ship carried only thirty-six people, none of whom Jonny was especially interested in getting to know.

Jonny said, lowering his voice so that only Wrey and Tarvn could hear.

But at the moment his body was aching more than Wrey would ever know and he had no patience left for mid-bureaucratic mentality.

If nothing else, it might give him a feel for exactly how big an official cloud Wrey had put him under.

Maybe Wrey had decided to hang around a few more hours hoping to be spared the trouble of shipping Jonny to Asgard.

Wrey raised a finger and four men in Army uniforms detached themselves from various walls and stepped forward, halting in a loose box formation about Jonny.